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Creating a stock-overview report..

radha krishna
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if suppose we are creating a stock-overview report.what are the tables and fields for this report we have to used. what are the functional spects what are selection screens plz give me sample report.

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    Rajesh Banka
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    Check if T.Code MB5B meets your requirement. This is also a report for Stock overview. Incase if this doesnot meets your requirement, maximum input you will recive from this transaction for stock overview report.


    Also refer to the link for table as under:

    Link: http://www.sap-img.com/

    Topic: Free ABAP eBook Download

    SAP MM, SD, FI, PS, PP, PM, HR, System Tables



    Rajesh Banka


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    Manish Chachra
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    MB5L is best option for your problem .

    Also for store location wise stocks

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    Naveen Bathini
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    Dear Radha Krishna,


    Go through standard Reports:

    <b>MMBE                 Stock Overview

    MB52                 List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand</b> 



    MKPF             Header: Material Document

    MSEG             Document Segment: Material

    IKPF             Header: Physical Inventory Document

    ISEG             Physical Inventory Document Items 

    SBSE             Stock Mngmt Levels for Inventory Sampling

    SKPF             Header Data: Inventory Sampling         

    SLGH             Elements of Stock Population            

    SSCH             Strata of Inventory Sampling            

    T156             Movement Type

    MSKA                           Sales Order Stock                  

    MSKAH                          Sales Order Stock: History         

    MSKU                           Special Stocks with Customer       

    MSKUH                          Special Stocks at Customer: History

    MSLB                           Special Stocks with Vendor         

    MSLBH                          Special Stocks at Vendor: History  

    MSPR                           Project Stock                      

    MSPRH                          Project Stock: History             

    MSSAH                          Total Sales Order Stocks: History  

    MSSL                           Total Special Stocks with Vendor   

    MSSQ                           Project Stock Total                

    MSSQH                          Total Project Stocks: History      




    Other Standard Reports:

    MB53                 Display Plant Stock Availability    

    MB54                 Consignment Stocks                  

    MB5B                 Stocks for Posting Date             

    MB5K                 Stock Consistency Check             

    MB5L                 List of Stock Values: Balances      

    MB5T                 Stock in transit CC                 

    MB5W                 List of Stock Values                

    MBBS                 Display valuated special stock      

    MBLB                 Stocks at Subcontractor             

    MBSF                 Release Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc. 

    MBW1                 Special stocks via WWW              

    MC.1                 INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: Stock 

    MC.5                 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection, Stock  

    MC.9                 INVCO: Material Anal.Selection,Stock

    MC.D                 INVCO: MRP Cntrllr.Anal.Sel. Stock  

    MC.H                 INVCO: Business Area Anal.Sel. Stock

    MC.L                 INVCO: Mat.Group Analysis Sel. Stock

    MC.P                 INVCO: Division Analysis Sel. Stock 

    MC.T                 INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Selection Stock

    MC48                 INVCO: Anal. of Current Stock Values

    MC49                 INVCO: Mean Stock Values            

    MC50                 INVCO: Analysis of Dead Stock       

    MC8M                 Read Opening Stocks                 

    MCB)                 INVCO: Long-Term Stock Selection    

    MCC4                 Set Up INVCO Info Structs.from Stock

    MCH:                 RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock - Selection

    MCKJ                 Selection version tree: Stock      

    MCKR                 User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Stock  

    MCNB                 BW: Initialize Stock Balances      

    MCSK                 Call Standard Analyses of Stocks   

    MD04                 Display Stock/Requirements Situation

    ME27                 Create Stock Transport Order       

    ME2O                 SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor)       

    MF65                 Stock Transfer for Reservation     

    MI35                 Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Balance

    MIQ1                 Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stock

    MM73                 Special Stocks: Preparation        

    MM74                 Archive Special Stocks             

    MM75                 Display Archive of Special Stocks  

    MMBE_OLD             Stock Overview                     

    MMN1                 Create Non-Stock Material &        

    MS04                 Planning Scenario: Stock/Reqmts List

    MS29                 Calculate Sim. Initial Stock       


    <b>Functional Specification:</b>

    Depends on what are all the fields that you want have on the selection screen (What options you want to give to select the data). What is the layout that you want to display. etc.


    Functional specification: The Functional Specification is a comprehensive document created after the Software Requirements Document. It provides more details on selected items originally described in the Software Requirements Template. Elsewhre organizations combine these two documents into a single document.


    Functional specs is like a templeate document, hence it will be same whether it is AR or AP or CCA. Basically functional specs is a document which explains the requirements with technical details, so that technical consultant or any other person can read and understand what is the background of the report or an extension done in SAP.


    The Functional Specification describes the features of the desired functinality. It describes the product's features as seen by the stake holders,and contains the technical information and the data needed for the design and developement.


    The functional specs should have the following details:


    Background: Information why this report is required and Business process involved in that.

    Selection Parameters: This should what fields should be selection fields, which are optional and which are mandatory etc.

    Layout of the report: What information is required in the output of the report. This should also indicate the technical names - Table and field names from where the data needs to be fetched.

    Detailed Description: This should explain the logic of the report - what calculations needs to be done etc.


    The Functional Specification defines what the functionality will be of a particulat area that is to be precise a transaction in SAP terminology.


    It also contains the data regarding change history, if any.


    Functional Spec is mainly prepared for the purpose of developing the new reports (this happens only when SAP standard report not achieve the client purpose) using the ABAP Program. for ABAPers you need to give the details of the Tables , Fields and the logic how to pick the value and get the report.


    Visit the following links:



    Functional Specs

    Functional Specs

    Reg:Functional Specs

    Education cess

    Education cess


    Hope this will help.