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Role of Team Lead in support project

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Can anybody share your experiences on the roles and responsibilities , scope of work of a team lead and give some tips and tricks to perform best as team lead in a support project.


Thanks in advance

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    Hi Emani,


    Sorry for a bit delayed response. I am sharing my experience for the roles and responsibilities of team lead in a support project.


    Team Lead mainly performs the following activities.


    Status Reporting: As per the project guidelines he may provide status reporting to both the client and the internal stakeholder of his own organisation.


    (ii)Process Owner Communication / Liaison: he may be required to communicate with the business process owners.


    (iii) Work Assignment: He will be responsible for assigning the work(which is actually the service request or tickets) to the team members and also will continuoulsy monitor their timely closure.


    (iv)Quality Control / Approvals: He will also be responsible for the overall quality of deliverables and will provide approvals if necessary.


    Apart from these he will be responsible for managing the other soft issues like the training and development needs of his team members, their appraisal etc and will plan the resource deployment strategy for future.


    Hope I had been of some help to you. Please assign points.




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    Suresh Upadhyayula
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    Adding to Manish's facts


    - Avoid mailing client on trivial issues

    - Avoid lenghty mail trails

    - Pick up the phone and speak to people directly, when ever possible

    - Choose your leadership style

    - Plan your deliverables

    - Check quality on every deliverable

    - Remember, to represent yourself and your company in the professional manner and create value at every object.

    -Be a people develope

    - Be a Value creator


    The list goe on, you would realise soon.



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