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difference between purchase requistion and purchase orsder

hari prasad
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hi abap gurus 

can u pls tell what is the difference b/w difference between purchase requistion and purchase order in detail and tell  what r the mandatory fields reqd to create one purchase order .

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    krishna kamma
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    Purchase requistion is raising the purchase request in purchase department.


    Purchase order is placing the order in sap .


    EKKO and EKPO are tables for purchase order

    EKKN  is the purchase requ table.

    Check the Transaction code ME21N.



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    Anji Reddy Vangala
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    <b>Purchase Requisition-> STaff in an orgn places Pur requisition for want of some goods/products - ME51</b>

    Related Table EBAN


    Request for Quotation(RFQ)-> The Purchase dept in the orgn calls/requests for the quotation for the products against which PR was raised. - ME41


    Vendor Evaluation->After receving the RFQ's, after comparison a Vendor is finalised based on the terms and conditions.


    <b>Purchase Order(PO)-> Pur order was issued to that vendor asking him to supply the goods/products -ME21N</b>



    Goods Receipt Note(GRN)->Vendor supplies the material/Products to the orgn-


    Goods Issue (GI)  -> People receives their respective itesm for which they have placed the Requisitions


    Vendor, Material ,Qty  are mandatory for PO.


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    Vijay Kumar
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    Hi Hari,


    A purchase order is a formal request or instruction from a purchasing organization to a vendor or a plant to supply or provide a certain quantity of goods or services at or by a certain point in time.


    A purchase order (PO) consists of a document header and a number of items.


    Steps :


    1. Account Assignment - Costs can be apportioned among various Controlling objects

    via the account assignment.


    2. Vendor Confirmations - Vendors can issue confirmations to the relevant purchasing

    organization indicating their compliance or non-compliance with scheduled delivery



    3. PO History - The transactions following on from a purchase order are documented in

    the PO history on an item-specific basis.


    4. Partner Roles - Instead of the vendor as the order recipient, other business partners

    can appear in various partner roles (e.g. goods supplier or invoicing party).


    5. Plant - In the purchase order, each item is destined for a certain plant. Each plant

    belongs to a company code, to which the vendor’s (creditor’s) invoice is directed.


    6. Texts - You can enter text in a purchase order directly or change texts that are

    suggested by the system. There are two kinds of text:


    a) Header text: applies to the entire document

    b) Item text: applies only to the relevant item.



    Transaction Code for Po creation is ME21N.


    In ME21N, You must Enter the Item, Material, Quantity, Delivery date, order unit, currency, vendor and pur. Group and so on.


    Purchase Requistion :




    me51n - create

    me52n - change

    me53n -display


    Collective Release of Purchase Requisition by Account Manager - Web (ZME55)






    Use this procedure when you to collectively or individually review purchase requisitions and either approve and release or reject requisition line items.




    Perform this procedure when a purchase requisition has been created and awaits approval by an authorized Account Manager.




    A purchase requisition has been created and saved by a Requisitioner.


    Menu Path


    Use the following menu path(s) to begin this transaction:


    · Select Logistics è Materials Management è Purchasing è Purchase Requisition è Release è Collective Release to go to the Collective Release of Purchase Requisitions (1) screen.


    Transaction Code




    Helpful Hints


    Field names are either (R) Required, (O) Optional, or (C) Conditional. Required terms must be provided to continue through the transaction process.