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ALL duties should get loaded to Inventory  : CIN - India

Sridevi C
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1) All duties ( Basic customs + cess + CVD + SAD) should get loaded to Inventory at the time of Goods Receipt.


2) And also, Excise registers should get updated as all the materials are treated as excise materials!


3) If for any customer, we want to treat the sales as non-excise (considering the above 2) sales, then how.


Any thoughts how to achieve all the above 3 for one imported material. Note that its only trading goods.


Thanks in advance


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    Sridhar Gundelwar
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    In case of trading u will not be able to avail any credit, but you can pass on to customers.


    Please follow below steps.


    01. Create a pricing procedure in such a way that it should calculate all the duties as per your requirement, and complete schema determination

    02.In Vendor master select a schema group that triggers this Pricing procedure

    03.Create a Purchase Order , against the conditions of customs etc. enter the Vendor as " customs " ( customs office need to be created as vendor)

    04.MIRO with planned delivery cost option for Paying the Customs

    05.Goods receipts (MIGO) , the values of all your duties will hit material cost ( inventory) counter entry to the key attached in pricing procedure

    06.J1IG - Create Depot entry , Use Material document as reference and select CVD indicator update the required fields and save this will create RG23D register entries, and Folio numbers



    While invoicing the products to customers you can select the required invoice from the Depot, the duty amount will be passed to the customers.



    Hope this clarifies,


    Thanks & Regards,



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    Vanamamidi Sridhar
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    Create following condition types for Import Duties (Do not create any Z-condition type)


    JCDB IN:Basic Custom Duty

    JCV1 IN : CVD

    JECV IN : Ed Cess on CVD

    J1CV IN : H&SECess on CVD

    JEDB IN : Ed Cess on BCD

    JSDB IN : H&SECess on BCD

    JADC Addnl Duty of Custom


    Also check following;


    SPRO > Logistics - General > Tax on Goods Movements > India > Basic Settings > Determination of Excise Duty > Maintain Excise Defaults > Here assign following for Tax Procedure;


    CVD cond. - CV1

    ECS cond. - JECV

    ADC cond. - JADC


    Need not to maintain condition type "J1CV" in above option since it hard-coded in standard program itself.


    Note: - JCDB, JEDB, JSDB will get loaded to Stock and JCV1, JECV, J1CV and JADC will get posted to CENVAT Accounts.