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SAP-SD / Route determination / with weight group

Navaneetha Krishnan
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I configured a route and tested. It works fine when it is proposed without the use of weight group. But if i use weight group also , it is determining the route without weight group only. I have even deleted the configuration for without weight group, and now the route is not determined, that means that always it is determining the route without weight group only.


To enable route determination with weight group, apart from the final route determination screen, do I need to do any other configuration. Also how is the weight group determined in the transaction, is it based on grossweight of the material or some other way.


Quick answer expected for this. So pls reply quickly.

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    Route can be determine on the Basis .

    1)Departure zoneShipping conditionTransportation group+Receiving zone(Ship to party) ;  if u don't want to consider the wt. gp.

    2) But if u want to consider wt. group. Then it can be determine by

    Departure zoneShipping conditionTransportation group+Receiving zone(Ship to party) + Wt group.


    goto Spro -> IMG->sales and distribution+Basic Function-> route + define route -> determine route




    Route can be determined in sales order with the help of 5 parameters: depart country, shipping conditions in customer master record, transportation group in material master, destination country, and weight group.


    Weight group plays a vital role. The purpose of route detrmination is like in scenario's where company will ship goods to the customer in various ways not only that it has optional of having n number of routes select the best one & based on his customer priority (time & money.) for sending samples company will go for air, for delivering ordered goods it can go for different mode of transportation & routes.


    Configuration part:


    Define mode of transportation

    Define shipping types.

    Asssign shipping types to mode of transportation.

    Define transportation legs.

    Define route here normally we maintain data like whose is arranging transportation, transit time, distance of the route, transpotation planning time.

    After that maintain stages in the route, by using transportation legs. Here we need to define whether load transfer, cross border or transportation is carring out between stages.

    Define weight in group as per requirement.


    You need to settings under SPRO > S&D > Basic Functions > Routes


    Hope it gives the required info..


    Reward me if its helpful


    Thanks and Regards



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    K Rajkumar
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    The Route determination with Weight group depends on the overall weight of the document items. You need to be very clear before defining this since the Route determination without weight group may look like overriding the Route determination with Weight group. Also the overall weight of all the items in the document will be considered during the delivery creation and durig sales order creation.


    For example consider the below settings for Route determination with and without Weight group.


    Case 1


    Route determination without Weight group


    SC      -          Desc                   -                TGroup     -     Desc       -     Actual Route - Desc

    01-     As soon as possible-     0001-     On palettes-     000001-     Northern Route


    Case 2


    Maintain weight groups


    Z001-     Up to 10 kg

    Z010-     more than 10 kg


    Maintain details of weight groups


    Total wt -       Unit -               Seq-               WgtGrp-        Description

    10-     KG-     1-     Z001-     Up to 10 kg

    100-     KG-     2-     Z010-     more than 10 kg


    Route determination with Weight group


    SC -               Desc-                                   TGroup-          Desc -           WgtGrp -        Desc -                    Actual Route - Desc

    01-     As soon as possible-     0001-     On palettes-     Z001-     Up to 10 kg-            000001-     Northern Route

                                                                                     Z010-      more than 10kg-  000002-     Southern Route


    In this case if you create a sales order the sytem will determine the Route = 000001(Northern Route) since the system will not check the weight of the documents item. Let us say the total weight is above 100 kg.

    So when creating the delivery document then the sytem will redetermine the Route(provided the config should be set) and it gives the Route as = 000002(Southern Route) since the weight exceeds 10 Kg as per our settings.


    Kindly check since it is working fine in my system.


    Hope this clears your doubt.



    Rajkumar K

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    A Ram Pedarla
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    Hi Navaneetha,


                               Weight Group with route determination is done to fetch the new route in delivery document. Kindly please not that the Its only used for the rout determination on Delivery. In sales order you will get the route detrmined based on the DEP ZONE(Of the Ship to party0, Destintaion ZOne of the customer,Transportation Group maintained in Material Master,Shipping conditions agreed in sales order(Customer master).


    To Get the Route(new one) in delivery Follow the steps below.


    Define weight Groups-- Transaction "OVST"


    Maintian Wt Groups- OVS8 .Here you will see the weight groups same as in "OVST". Now click on weight group detials maintenance. Here you can specify the wt limit of the weight group and the unit of weight,sequential value whichhelps the system to determie weight.


    Now in "0VRF(ZERO NOT O) you click on route determination with wt group(Delivery) Maintain the route with weight group.


    You can predefine weight groups to suit your own business. For each group you specify the maximum weight allowed (for example, up to 10 tons). During delivery processing, the system uses the weight group as additional information for automatic route determination. If a route was proposed during sales order processing, weight information available at shipping time may result in the system proposing a new, more suitable route.


    Now the Last but not least is to tell the system If you want the new route to be determined for the delivery. This can be done by assigning Deilvery type to Route determination Rule. The transcation for this is "OVLO".


    Once you do this You will be able to see the route (New route -If you have a different route with the weight group) in delivery.



    Kindly please let me know If you need any more Information on this.



    Ram Pedarla

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      Paret Katarzyna
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      Thanks for your answers.


      You confirmed my doubts concerning when the weight group is taken into account and when not.

      Not possible to deterrmine the route with the weight group at sales order level. The weight group is only taken into account if the redetermination is allowed at the moment of creation of the Delivery.


      Said but true.

      Means I can not use the wieght group, as different weight groups were supposed to have different routes with different transit times. The redetermination will change the promissed delivery date at the client.

      What do you think?




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        A Ram Pedarla
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             Thats true. So you go for new route determination at delivery level when you are sure that the Actual route proposed can be accomodated in real scenario. This weight group allows you to decide if the wt can also be part of planning of a transport. Eg, If you havea wt group of more than 1000 tonnes, which is going to take 1 day more due to more transit time, then this will be useful.Any way even if the system proposes a new route ,you can over write that with some other actula route (Alternate route) If you have the assignment in "OVLR" .Kindly please let me know If you need any more Information on this.



        Ram Pedarla


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