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PGI reversal VL09 not happening

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user has done following cycle

1.ME21N-PO document type UB and Item cat I.

2.VL10B- Outbound delivery

3.VL06G-goods issue using automatic MVT 647 and 101)

4.VF01-Performa Invoice(billing Type JEX)

5.J1IIN- Excise invoice.


In billing base price is missing because of that all duties and net price zero.now user wants to cancel entire cycle. he has done excise cancellation using J1IH. we are not able to reverse billing using VF11, we are not able to PGI reversal using Vl09. it giving error "No dat available for your selection".


Note: is it problem of JEX because we have not assigned cancell billing type and doc pric procedure to JEX?


any solution for the above issue.

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    manam narayana
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    Hi rising sun.,


                               VF11 is not for reversal of the billing doccument it is fo cansellation & when you want to cansel the billing doccument first the accounting doccument for t hat billing doccument should be canselled,after you cansel the billing doccument reverse the goods issue in VL09and reject in VL02n,then VA02 reject the doccument


    As you are saying that no data available then go to VF04 and see whether your delivery doccument is there & VF05  to see t he Billing doccument


    If you are ablr to see the doccuments you can cansel them


    J1IH is to cansel the excise doccument


    REWARD if helpfull


    Thanks & Regards



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      G P
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      hi manam

      we have created proforma invoice only not billing.it means there will not be any accounting entry right. is it possible without cancelling proforma invoice,cont we reverse delivery using VL09? We tried to cancel delivery using VL09 but it is not happening. i checked through VF04 my document is not showing but my delivery document i can see in pO histry.