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Whats is VBFA Table?

Syed Salman
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  Can u tell me whats the use of VBFA table using this table what cen we come across?




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    Swarna Ramya
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    Table VBFA is used for Sales Document Flow.It is used in Billing Document,Sales Document,Delivery & in Sales Activity.It is also used in Pricing.




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    Ravi kumar Balakrishnan
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    VBFA is the table of the flow of sales document, so you can find all SD document in VBFA, so sales order.


    Now u ave to know the type of a sale document.


    You can find this information in field VBTYP:


    A Inquiry

    B Quotation

    C Order

    D Item proposal

    E Scheduling agreement

    F Scheduling agreement with external service agent

    G Contract

    H Returns

    I Order w/o charge

    J Delivery

    K Credit memo request

    L Debit memo request

    M Invoice

    N Invoice cancellation

    O Credit memo

    P Debit memo

    Q WMS transfer order

    R Goods movement

    S Credit memo cancellation

    T Returns delivery for order

    U Pro forma invoice

    V Purchase order

    W Independent reqts plan

    X Handling unit

    0 Master contract

    1 Sales activities (CAS)

    2 External transaction

    3 Invoice list

    4 Credit memo list

    5 Intercompany invoice

    6 Intercompany credit memo

    7 Delivery/shipping notification

    8 Shipment

    a Shipment costs

    e Allocation table

    g Rough Goods Receipt (only IS-Retail)

    h Cancel goods issue

    i Goods receipt

    j JIT call

    r TD Shipment (IS-Oil Only)

    s Loading Confirmation, Reposting (IS-Oil Only)

    t Gain/Loss (IS-Oil Only)

    u Placing Back in Stock (IS-Oil Only)

    v Two-Step Goods Receipt (IS-Oil Only)

    w Reservation (IS-Oil Only)

    x Loading Confirmation, Goods Receipt (IS-Oil Only)

    $ (AFS)


    So: if you need to find the order like preceding document:











    need ur reward points.




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    kumar  r v r seemakurti
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    Sales document flow(VBFA)


        genral senario:

        suppose you want to buy a computer

    1) You do  Inquiry

    2) You get N number of Quotation for that inquiry

    3) you select 1 quotation for sales order or many for individual parts like CPU in   

        one quotation, monitor from one quotation and so on....

    4) for all these sales order(s) you get delivery doc(s) and billing doc(s)


        using VBFA we can get all the doc numbers related to sales senarios

         If you take Inquiry doc all the Quotation doc(s),sales order doc(s) ........

          will be preceding documents.

          for sales order

              Quotation doc(s),Inquiry are subceding.

               billing docs(s) ,delivery doc(s) are preceding documents.

    This is the consept of VBFA table.