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System error: Default TXJCD is not filled in the table T001

Yoga Reddy machupalli
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Hi friends,


Can anyone help me out in this scenario? We are facing a peculiar problem.


We are in a upgrade project from 4.5b to ECC 6.0.Client is not maintaining any tax codes i.e they are maintaining it outside SAP.The problem is when ever the billing document is released to accounting(VF02) in ECC 6.0 it is showing  this error “System error: Default TXJCD is not filled in the table T001”.But this is working fine in 4.5b.


Are there any basic changes regarding TAX JURISDICTION CODE is concerned from upgrade. Please provide.


Thanks in advance,


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    Paulo Evaristo
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    Hi Yoga,



    Probably, the program is showing error message FF799, please maintain transaction OBCL with a default tax jurisdiction code.

    The tax jurisdiction code should be maintained at state level only and

    corresponds to the tax jurisdiction code structure maintained in table

    TTXD. For example, if your structure is 2-3-4-1. Then your default

    code should be XX00000000. I suspect that the settings in transaction

    OBCL are incorrect and hence the FF799 error, when shipping from a US

    plant to a foreign ship-to customer (non-US).


    Addional info concerning the Tax Interface for standard methods for

    US taxes you can find at  -   http://www.saplabs.com/projects/tax/

    Documentation: Tax Interface Configuration Guide for release 4.6x


    Please have a look at attached notes 112609 and 385127.

    Here is the explaination that the process for tax-exempt transactions

    has been changed.



    Other notes you may need for OBCL :

    -> 0627091   Message FF749 with billing data transfer

    -> 0608159   Error FS791 during billing data transfer

    -> 0380158   Jurisdiction code for export business transaction

    -> 0419124   Export billing document with tax jurisdictions


    I hope this information helps you,.





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    Naveen Bathini
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    Dear Yoga,


    Check if you may need to maintain proper entries in IMG (Transaction SPRO) under

    Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Tax on Sales/Purchases -> Basic Settings


    Hope this will help.