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Is-media tables and any technical information

ankitha r
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I am an ABAP'er & currently working on IS-Media project.

I will be very thankful, if anyone can provide the Technical details like Table relation diagram or any technical information.





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    Alvaro Tejada Galindo
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    Sorry I can't help you out....IS-M is not a well documented module....Actually...I don't this any IS- module is well documented as well.... -:(





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    Haricharan Dingari
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        Here is the relation between the tables in IS-M

       JHAK   IS-M/AM: OPM Header Structure

       JHAP   IS-M/AM: Sales Document - Item

       JHAPA  IS-M/AM: Sales Document - Ad Item

       JHAPD  IS-M/AM: Sales Document - service  Item

       JHAPS  IS-M/AM: Sales Document - Ad Insert Item

       JHAPW IS-M/AM: Sales Document - Commercial Item

       JHAE    IS-M/AM: Sales Document - Schedule Line

       JHAEA  IS-M/AM: Sales Document - AD Line

    and all shcedlu line table follow same semantic as item tables like If it ends with JHAES means schedule line table for Ad inserts

      JAHAGA is the Billing data set table .


    These are the table which you use mostly in implementing IS-Media



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    Reetesh Tiwary
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    Hi Ankitha, This is Reetesh here, I going to work on a project in IS-Media ( in which I no knowledge), I hope you now have good knowledge and experience in this module, I will be glad if you can share some documents and guide to how to go about things.


    Thanks in advance!