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production server, quality servers

john raj
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Hello all,


I would like to know wats the exact difference between producion server, quality server, development server and sanbox. are the datas same in all these server.




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    Senthilkumar SD
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    In 3 system landscape there are three servers.


    1. Development




    All the configuration spro settings are done in devlopment server. we can do this in the sand box client.


    This is checked in the quality server. We cannot do any change in the spro settings in this server.If tested ok, we RE DO the whole configuration in the Dev. server in the Golden client & then create a transport request.T.code <b>se09</b>.


    As per the request, the basis people transport this from dev to prod server.


    Pl. reward if you find this informative.


    Senthilkumar SD

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    Naveen Bathini
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    Dear Maxx,


    Development server is used for Development. Either Development/Golden Client is used for Configuration. Then all the developments and configuration data is transported Quality Server where you would test the configuration with test data. You would transport the same to Production if everything is right.


    You will transport from DEV to QA and then QA to PROD. You will not transport from QA to DEV.


    For your clarification you will not change any thing in QA. You will make the changes in DEV and transport them to QA. QA is only for testing.


    Regarding two movement types - one is incoming and other one is outgoing.


    For more information about the SAP Change and Transport System (CTS), visit the following link:


    Transport Request is generated in following scenarios:

    1. Customizing Request - When doing or changing some customization.

    2. WorkBench Request - When configuration is cross-client. Eg Generating new Table, making changes in access sequence, Abap development, etc.


    Transport request is not generated for Master Data. For eg: Customer Master, Material Master, price master, etc.


    Benefit of Transport Request:

    SAP Landscape normally has 3- Tier system:

    Development Server - Where customization takes place. Transport request is generated at this level & then first transported to Quality server for testing whether it meets the requirement or not. Once the requirement is met in Quality server then Request is transported from Development Server to Production Server (Actual / Live System)

    Quality Server - Mainly useful for testing.

    Production Server Actual / Live server, where the real transactions are created & posted.


    Procedure to Release & Transport Request:

    1. In development server, go to T.Code: SE10 & select the check box Modifiable & enter

    2. In the next screen, you will see list of transport request created.

    Note: Transport request consist of main request along with sub request. These sub request hold the object to be transported.

    3. Expand the main request & you will be able to view the sub requests attached to main request.

    4. First release the sub requests.

    Note: To release the request, select the request ni & click on release request individually (Do not select release all request)

    5. Next release main request.

    6. Once the request is released sucessfully, imform the basis person to import the request to QA server.


    If the authority is with you, through T.Code: STMS, select development server --> select request no & release to QA server. Here when it pops up client no, user id & password, maintain it of QA server & release the request to QA server.


    Hope this will help.