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concatenate strings without trim space

Frank Dehle
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Hi, i am looking for a Method in ABAP that concatenate strings without trim space on any string.


I will send a PDF-Document from the archivelink as attachment in an  E-Mail, but the archivelink function deliver the document in lines with 1024 character und the input function for the attachment of the E-Mail need the document in lines with 255 character.


I think, concatenate all lines und seperate them, but sometimes i lose a space.


I try some solutions:


DATA l_document(65535) TYPE c.

DATA line_doc_length TYPE i.


  line_doc_length = 0.

  LOOP AT archivobject INTO wa_archivobject.

    l_document+line_doc_length = wa_archivobject.

    line_doc_length = line_doc_length + 1024.



That solution match, but the max length of the document is 65535 character.


I try the same with a dynamic Object like 'Create Data ...', but in this case it is not allowed to use an offset.


Thanks for help


Frank Dehle