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Hi friends,


Please send me some important tickets in Sales order,delivery,billing and

pricing procedure.


Thanks & regards,

Rajasekhar Reddy

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    1)     Problem in creating delivery FRS Orders.


    Check the following -

    Dates in the Sales Order and FRS Order should be same.

    Payment Terms in Sales Order and FRS Order should be same.

    Risk Category in Sales Order and FRS Order should be same. (to check in VKM 4)


    2)     Problem in ZLST & ZLSC Account Assignment Problem Sarea: 4000/30/10 (to check)

    Sol: Go to billing doc header and change the Account assignment to Domestic and save the document.


    3)     Delete ZF2D Zero value Invoice


    Take User ID and Goto VOFA Billing type remove Routine 29 save in 5000 request.

    Cancel the Billing doc and restore 29 routine is ZF2D.


    4)     Material to be extended to Plant.

    Sol: Mail to Master Data Cell


    5)     Credit Problem


    Sol: mail to master Cell


    6)     Double Deliveries

    Sol: Go to VKM4. Select all the documents and executive. Select all and reject and save the documents.

    7)     unable to create Billing Document.


    Sol: Check

    In Delivery header status Procesing Status relevance for billing

    Go to ZVDEL T.code and put delivery no and run. Save, Go back to delivery and check Header Status. And try doing Vf01.


    8)     ED is not appearing in Sales Order

    Sol: Check JMOD in Sales Order Conditions. Or update the Pricing


    9)     PGI G/l account blocked for STO


    Sol.: Check FS03 that GL account who blocked and inform them to remove block





    10)     Problem in delivery & Invoice of PO (STO)


    Sol: Follow the steps:

    Check the Unit of measurement (UOM) in PO & MM03

    Check if the material is extended to the storage location specified in PO

    Check Stock of Material


    11)     Unable to create SCRN for following product in Sales org 2450 (Error: material has been excluded)


    Sol: Take the Billing doc no for which you are making SCRN

    Give details of Sold-to-Party and material code to master Cell


    12)     Invoice is not appearing in FBL5


    Sol: Goto FBL5 give Customer No & Company Code check the invoice no is appearing or not

    Check whether Customer account is blocked for posting


    13)     Stn Zero Value kindly update the value.


    Sol: Inform Master Cell to  Update Prices




    Sol: Inform to Master Cell to do the same


    14)     creating an accounting document number using ZCRD


    Sol: 1) Check the UOM of materials in material Master

    2) According to my observation, the system is trying to convert Unit 1S1

    for the material 1005372 into the base unit of measure S10.

    3) Change UOM from of 2 line items from 15S & 1S1 to S10 (which is Base Unit of measure)


    15)     User getting MRP as Rs. 0.00 ; FG Transfer Clearance


    Sol: Please put the field MRP NA for material group under exclusion field in the report ZFGC since MRP NA for material group is mandatory.


    16)     Excise Duty (ED) not coming in Billing Document


    Sol: Check the Pricing Procedure Analysis and see if Z001 & Z002 are updated. If not ask Nitin to Update the same.





    17)     Execution Problem in PGI


    Sol: This is a PPQM Issue:

    Check the expiry dates of the batches and check what batches are available in MMBE Transaction and inform the customer accordingly.


    18)     Wrong address on Excise Invoice


    Sol: Inform to Nitin Agarwal – Master Data Cell


    19)     SCRN Problem - Please dont change the Payement terms manually”.


    Sol: correct the Payment days & confirm the user


    20)     1080461 - diprovate MF ( This is new material code); PGI of material Diprovate MF Cream ( 1080461) system is not picking  batch no. directly. Batch to be entered manually


    Sol: Update the classification data. Inform the Master Cell - Nitin


    21)     Problem while making Delivery in STO


    Sol: Check

    Which plant is Plant is assigned to Supplying & receiving plants in STO

    Check the Shipping points assigned to the plants

    Check the shipping point given at item level in STO

    Goto Vl10B and try to create the delivery and inform the customer to do the same