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update table T001

PS Singh
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Dear SAP friends,


While doing the invoice I got the error:

System error: Default TXJCD is not filled in the table T001


I assigned the Jurisdiction code in company code address field through spro under enterprise structure>definition>financial accounting>edit company code.


But when I see same company code in T001, still that TXJCD field is empty.

Please advise how to update the fields in table T001.


Points will be assigned for great help




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    Siva Boni
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    Please maintain transaction OBCL with a default tax jurisdiction code. The tax jurisdiction code should be maintained at state level only and corresponds to the tax jurisdiction code structure maintained in table TTXD. For example, if your structure is 2-3-4-1. Then your default code should be XX00000000. I suspect that the settings in transaction OBCL are incorrect and hence the FF799 error, when shipping from a US

    plant to a foreign ship-to customer (non-US).


    Also please review following SAP Notes for further information.

    419124     Export billing document with tax jurisdictions


    Let me know the outcome..




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    Its created as combination of Country ,region, postal code etc. If you give all the details then it will update.


    or second option


    I think you can directly enter the same in the table itself. ( If you have authorisation or asking for the authorisation of the same ).


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