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sales return-configuration

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please  tell me  the  steps involved sales return with  TC CODE.

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    venkata Naveen
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    Create return order in reference to the billing document( if you are creating return with reference)

    give return order document type in va01

    and give the material and  return quantity

    and save the order.

    give the reason for getting material back in reason for rejection tab.

    remove the delivery block in order level

    and do the PGR ( though vl01n)

    no picking is involved.

    and do the billing ( vf01)

    and save it.



    Naveen duggineni

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    srinivasan raman
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    first when u prepare, sales order u have to do it by va01,

    then later on preparation of delivery and invoice, if the customer returns


    , u again to to order give reference of billing and create Returns Order ie.,



    When you go to return delivery, you automatically get an option of post goods returns, and then the stock comes back to your plant


    then give the reference of the delivery and then prepare credit memo


    Hope this is clear.

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    First Create a Return Order(Sales Document Type: RE, TCode: VA01) with reference to the invoice sent.


    Then go to create Delivery(Delivery Document Type: RL, TCode: VL01N) and then do Post Goods receipt.


    Then before deciding to give him credit memo i.e credit for Returns, go to VA02(change Sales Order) and remove the billing block. Then finally go to create Billing( Billing Document Type:G2, TCode:VF01) and raise an credit Memo.


    This ends the return process.


    Any queries, ping me back.


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    Poorna yalamanchili
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    You can do a sales return from VA01, with the order type RE (for returns).


    Alternatively you can create the returns order using with reference to the original sales order.

    Go to Vl01n create delivery and Post "goods issue" for the returns delivery. The system automatically recognizes the returns delivery as goods receipt and clears the original goods issue posting by carrying out the reverse posting. To post this goods receipt, proceed as if it were actually a Goods Issue Posting.


    Go to VF01 - create credit memo for the returns...


    Hope u understood the process.

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    Return process


    Create Return sales order By using T.code VA01 and Sales document type RE.

    Returns can take with or with out Reference.

    In standard there is no refernce to the sales returns.


    If u want to reference to the sales returns you need to maintain the copying control between F2 (billing document0 to RE (sales returns0 in VTAF.


    Create the Return delivery with respective to the returns and do the PGR by using T.Code VL01n.


    Now come back to the sales order by using VA02, and in the sales order remove the billing block and save.


    Create Credit returns by using the T.Code VF01 with refernce to the returns delivery.




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    Return material From customer


    You need to receipt the rejected goods through SD Module (VA01 - Sales Order type RE).


    The steps are as follows :


    1. Create a return request. (Using Sales Order in SD)


    2. Create outbound delivery according to return request.


    3. If the setting is correct in the outbound delivery screen SAP will automatically switch post goods issue button into post goods receipt. The setting is in sales order item category and delivery type.


    4. In the standard system the movement type used is 651.


    5. After post goods issues receipt is done using outbound delivery, the quantity is placed in blocked stock without value updating.


    6. You will then decide if the return quantity are indeed bad stock or not.


    7. Transfer Posting from block stock to unrestricted stock (mvt type 453), this will have accounting effect (Debit Inventory, Credit COGS)


    8. Goods Issue to scrap account how to create new titles which can be used in creating the "address" view on the Vendor master.{T-Code: XK01}

    In config go to Basis Components --> basis services --> Address Management --> Maintain title texts