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Tables in SAP<ID>DB not found

Hans-Peter Schaal
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I have a fresh install of the Developer Workplace with MaxDB.


The only user I can login with sqlcli, dbmcli or SQL Studio is SUPERDBA.


I can see the table content of SUPERDBA.* tables, but if I try to show the content of SAP="HSL"):


  Auto Commit: On, SQL Mode: Internal, Isolation Level: Committed

  Base table not found;-4004 POS(16) Unknown table name:BC_JMSQUEUE.



In sqlcli with


I get:

  • -4004: POS(15) Unknown table name:ZIAP_GL_PARAM SQLSTATE: 42000




shows exactly this table name.


I tried to change the password of user SAPDB.* tables as SUPERDBA or to log in as an user who can access those?


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    Alexander Schroeder
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    Hello Hans-Peter,


    the tables belong to the SAPHLSDB user and are only granted to this user by default (and intention). The SUPERDBA may see the existence of these tables in the system views (which are queried by the builtin-commands of sqlcli), but has no right to select data from them nor modify or delete data from these tables.


    Use the SAPHLSDB user to access these tables (hint: the password should be

    the one you have specified in the Netweaver Installation). Changing the password of the user (by using an ALTER USER command, for instance) may do much harm, as then the login information stored in the the application server's secure store might no longer be valid ...

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    Hans-Peter Schaal
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    Thank you for your answer.


    I understand that it is intentional that SUPERDBA doesn´t see all tables. I still don´t get why I can´t see the SAPDB. No idea why it didn´t work so much times before. I even had to enter my PW in cleartext to login with sqlcli before, so I know I always entered the same password.