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Hi all,


   Please explain me how to use transaction SU53..Please explain step by step how to do auth. Check? I shall be very thankful.

Waiting for answer.


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    - Choose the menu path System -> Utilities -> Display Authorization Check or transaction code SU53. You now can analyze an error in your system that just occurred because of a missing authorization.

    - You can call Transaction SU53 in all sessions, not just in the session in which the error occurred. Authorization errors in other users' sessions, however, cannot be analyzed from your own session.

    - For example, user X calls Transaction VA03  (display sales order). The message "You do not have authorization for Transaction  VA03" appears. User X now chooses transaction code /nSU53 and the system displays the authorization object that was just checked and, for comparison purposes, the values of the object that user X has in its user master record. In this case the user X don’t have VA03 assigned to any of his role.


    SU53 should be executed immedeatly after getting the error, only than it will show the error.


    Hope it helps.

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    sap genie
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    Alternativley,  you can ask the user to run his tranasction and once he encounters error , you can type in Su53 from your screen, select the user option on the top left of the screen and then type the user id of the user and you can see the users SU53.

    I do this since its easier then explaining the user how to take his SU53.

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    David Hopkins
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    Note that the system will maintain only the most recent "SU53" output, so if a user tells you they have encountered a few errors and have run SU53 for each, the system will only show the the last or most current one.