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Difference between SPRO and SPRO_ADMIN

Hariharan Gopalan
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When I create a project using spro_admin, it is not listed when I use SPRO, wonder whats the difference between these two and when is it appropriate to use either



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    SPRO is used when u want to do some customizations globally say for e.g...you want to create some profile for message triggering in service desk,you can do the same from SPRO or you want to create some new priority in the message creation box or creation of new status.

    Whatever you do is available to all the projects you have created from spro_admin.


    Whereas Spro_admin is used for creation of projects e.g implementation,template,maintenance etc.



    To explain more if you want to make any changes to Business blueprint template or the guide which you generate from solar01,you have to make the changes from spro->sap solution manager->scenario-specific->implementaiton->doc mgmt->generation of doc.


    Now this template can be adjusted from spro only not from spro_admin where if you remember you can upload new template for the doc type which you have created specific for your project.




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    Doreen Baseler
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    Hello Hariharan,


    the differences are as follows:


    <b>SPRO_ADMIN - Customizing: Project Administration</b>

    The classical "old transaction" to define customizing projects.

    This is were before the times of SAP Solution Manager the framework for the customizig project would be defined, such as:

    - what is the general scope of my projects (in terms of wich applications do I need to customize)?

    - what are the valid project standards?

    - who is working in my the project team etc.?


    <b>SPRO - Customizing: Execute Project</b>

    Once the project has been defined in SPRO_ADMIN, you can perform the customizing in this transaction alongside the so-called project IMG (= Implementation Guide). Alongside this guide the SAP system is adjusted and documented to the customer-specific settings. The actual customizing work will be performed making use of the project standards defined in SPRO_ADMIN.


    Why you did not see your project in SPRO: Here you see only your list of project favorites (unlike in SPRO_ADMIN where you see ALL customizing projects contain in the system in which you are working). What you can do is include this project in your favorite list with the respective icon <i>Add to worklist</i> right below the table view.


    <b>TODAY: With SAP Solution Manager</b>

    transactions SPRO and SPRO_ADMIN are implicitely used.

    That is:

    1. for SPRO_ADMIN you do no longer have to generate the customizing projects manually for every single SAP system but you do this centrally from SAP Solution Manager using transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN (<i>System Landscape</i> tab, <i>IMG Projects</i> tab)

    2. for SPRO you do no longer seperately start this transaction but from within the SAP Solution Manager transaction SOLAR02, <i>Configuration</i> tab.


    Template, implementation and maintenance projects are NOT created in SPRO_ADMIN, they are solely created in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN.


    I hope this information helps you to better differenciate between the named functions.


    Best regards,