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Invoice Split

John Fitzgerald
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Hi Can anyone tell me the steps invloved in splitting an invoice that was the combination of 2 or more orders, based on certain header information

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    Ayub Khan
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    Invoice Split:

    When the delivery document is bifurcated or divided into multiple invoices it is called as invoice split. The invoice split may be due to different payment terms, bill to party, billing date etc.


    Even if all the data is the same and if the delivery document has 2 line items , each line item can be billed seperately with individual invoice number.


    There are system customizing needs which drive the split in SAP mostly, which could be


    - Separation based on material group or profit center.


    - If the header partners or data in the header fields are not identical, the system will automatically perform an invoice split.


    - All header partners and header fields in the billing document can cause an invoice split.


    Go to Copy control between Delivery - Invoice Tcode:VTFL

    GO to Item and select the required item category (TAN) and check VBRK/ VBRP: you can select your own routine and routine 3 give only 1 invoice and 7 will give invoice split, you have write your own requirements with the help of a ABEPer.



    For further information, chk this link out.







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    SR Kumar
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    Hi John,

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    konda reddy
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    If you want to guarantee that invoices are created separately according to certain criteria, you can do this by defining certain split criteria. The following is an example of invoices split by material group:




    In Customizing for copying control, you can specify requirements for splitting to prevent sales orders or deliveries from being combined into a collective billing document.




    As a rule, the system combines into one billing document all transactions for the same customer, default billing date and sales organization.


    If data from the related reference documents differs in the header fields of the billing document, the system will automatically split the invoice.




    An order contains terms of payment at header as well as item level. These are stored only at header level in the billing document, however. If there are different terms of payment in the reference documents, an invoice split will always be made.


    If data from the related reference documents differs in the item fields of the billing document, the system does not split the invoice.






    The order basis is stored at header level in the order and at item level in the billing document. The system does not split the invoice. If you require an invoice split, you must first define the appropriate split requirements in Customizing for copying control. Copying control depends on the following criteria:


    Billing Document Type

    reference document type (i.e. type of order, delivery or billing document on which the sales document is based)

    item category in the reference document

    You can also display a split analysis to discover why an invoice split has occurred

    You can call up the Split analysis function with the following transactions:


    Billing document ® Change or Display.

    Billing document ® Billing due list

    To display the split analysis for one of these screens, proceed as follows:


    Enter the number of the first billing document that you wish to compare.

    Choose Environment ® Split analysis.

    Enter the number of the second billing document which you wish to compare to the first in the dialog box.


    Enter the billing document number and choose Continue.

    The system displays the Billing document split analysis log. It is made up of three parts. The first shows the header partners and header fields which are different in the two documents while the second and third columns show the respective values for these fields.


    This provides you with a clear overview of which fields have differing contents, the information available, and why there was an invoice split.


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    Sainath Padamwar
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    Billing document consolidation



    For collective/ consolidation of billing when all the relevant data is equal ,the system can conbine multiple deleveries or sales document into one invoice.

    This is maintained by using factory calendar & copying rules.


    To create consolidated invoicing for a customer,first define factory calendar the payer is using and then assign to billing view of the customer master record for payer. The billing calendar may indicate you one day of week is working day,thus system only propses only that day for billing but system will allow u for creating sales orders and deleveries on remaining days also.


    Copy control from delivery type LF to billing type F2


    Apart from regular setting the data that is important to an invoice splitting or invoice combination is the entry in the field data VBRK\VBRP.

    To create splitting rule, proceed to VOFM and select data transfer,billing documents.

    Copy the std. 001-Inv Split . This is done by overwriting the number such as type 900 over 001 and press enter.

    I am sure this will resolve your problem.


    Best Regards


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    SR Kumar
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