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5 steps of sap implementation

Rishabh Soni
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Hi Gurus,


Could you tell me the 5 steps of implementing the SAP.



Thanks & Regards

Rishabh Soni

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    konda reddy
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    Phase 1: Project Preparation - The purpose of this phase is to provide initial planning and preparation for your SAP project.

    Phase 2: Business Blueprint - The purpose of this phase is to achieve a common understanding of how the company intends to run its business within the SAP System. The result is the Business Blueprint, a detailed documentation of the results gathered during requirements workshops. The Business Blueprint document represents the business process requirements of the company. It is the agreed statement of how the company intends to run its business within the SAP System.

    Phase 3: Realization - The purpose of this phase is to implement all the business process requirements based on the Business Blueprint. The system configuration methodology is provided in two work packages: Baseline (major scope); and Final configuration (remaining scope).

    Phase 4: Final Preparation - The purpose of this phase is to complete the final preparation (including testing, end user training, system management and cutover activities) to finalize your readiness to go live. The Final Preparation phase also serves to resolve all critical open issues. On successful completion of this phase, you are ready to run your business in your live SAP System.

    Phase 5: Go Live & Support - The purpose of this phase is to move from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to live production operation.



    Some additional Infomation on ASAP methodology:

    Phase 1 - Project Preparation

    Change Charter - Goals and  Managementobjectives of Organizational

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    Shesagiri G
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    Refer below link

    <a href="">ASAP</a>

    <b>Project Preparation</b>

    During project preparation, SAP specialists examine project

    scope, organization of the project, project standards, and

    resource availability.

    <b>Business Blueprint</b>

    SAP specialists examine more than just the status and content

    of the business blueprint document itself. They also analyze

    project standards and procedures; status reporting; project

    directing, monitoring, and controlling; and risks, issues, and



    In the area of realization, SAP specialists examine project status

    reporting; directing, monitoring, and controlling of project

    execution; and risks, issues, and changes.

    <b>Final Preparation</b>

    Examining the period immediately before go-live, SAP specialists

    ensure that the changeover runs smoothly. They focus on enduser

    training, the go-live plan, and the ongoing support strategy.

    <b>Go-Live and Support</b>

    Once the software is up and running, SAP specialists examine

    issues such as support, upgrades, benefits, application enhancements,

    lessons learned, and plans for further rollout.


    refer below link

    and search for SAP ASAP Documentation


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    Sadhu Kishore
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    pl check this link :


    <a href="">ASAP</a>



    sadhu kishore

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    Allabaqsh Patil
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    Hi Rishabh,





    The ASAP methodology adheres to a specific road map that addresses the following five general phases:

    <b>1.Project Preparation:</b>

    In this step the project team is identified and mobilized, the project standards are defined, and the project work environment is set up.


    <b>2. Business Blueprint:</b>

    In this step the business processes are defined and the business blueprint document is designed.


    <b>3. Realization:</b>

    In this step the system is configured, knowledge transfer occurs, extensive unit testing is completed, and data mappings and data requirements for migration are defined.


    <b>4. Final Preparation:</b>

    In which final integration testing, stress testing, and conversion testing are conducted, and all end users are trained.


    <b>5. Go-Live and Support:</b>

    In which the data is migrated from the legacy systems, the new system is activated, and post-implementation support is provided.


    Reward points if solution helps.




    Allabaqsh G. Patil

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    Ahmad Ali Shaik
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    Hi Rishabh,


    give me ur id, will send a doc on ASAP.





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    Ravindranathan kandalla
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    Basically it is done thru ASAP Methodology. the business flow of an implementation projects are


    1. Phase I  - project preparation.

    2. Phase II - Business blue print  - also called AS IS process

    3. Phase III - Fit gap analysis - also called IS AS process

    4. Phase IV- Realization

    5. Phase V - Go live

    6. Phase VI - Support.


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    Sai Giridhar Kasturi
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    Hi Rishabh,


    Please go through the following'll have a clear picture on all 5 steps of implementing SAP in very detail, including the activities involved in each phase.


    <a href="">Introduction</a>


    <a href="">Accelerated SAP</a>


    <a href="">Phase 1: Project Preparation</a>


    <a href="">Phase 2: Business Blueprint</a>


    <a href="">Phase 3: Realization</a>


    <a href="">Phase 4: Final Preparation</a>


    <a href="">Phase 5: Go Live & Support</a>


    <b>Reward points if helpful</b>