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Communication Strategy

Vicki Atkinson
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We are trying to set up a batch job in which all invoices created during the day will be faxed at night. If there is no fax # in the master then the invoice would print. We would use a communication strategy for this correct? If the fax was unsuccessful, is there a way to make the invoice also print?

A condition technique was set up for combo of sales org & customer #, then in the condition record we put each customer & the partner that the invoice should be faxed to. I am very new to SD, am I on the right track?

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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    Juan Marino
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    Hi Vicky:


    I just found this old unanswered question but I believe it is still valid. If you setup MR90 (MM70AMRA) in a batch job, SAP will ask for a printer to let you know the batch job results (Send to the spool only), when the job is completed, the vendor will receive the communication defined in the communication strategy, in my case, an email.


    Below the batch job log. 


    Job started

    Step 001 started (program MM70AMRA, variant &0000000000007, user ID VICKY)

    Object $$$$20018441822011000000 output ERS selected for partner LF0000303960

    MAIlL request 000000003711 created

    Object $$$$20018441822011000000 output ERS for partner LF0000303960 with return code 0 processed

    All selected output successfully processed

    Job finished

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    Vittal Sainath
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    You can enhance the print program to get this done. output will try to fax, in case fax number is not available will print to the printer assigned in the batch program or the batch user.


    One output doing 2 different things based on the communication strategy , automatically is not possible .

    Can be possible programmatically.