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how we do shipping cost  step by step

nag nageshwar
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as a sd consultant how we do shipping cost  can any one know how to do it sap sd .  please give me the details


thanks in advance

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    Prasanna Raju
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    Create shipment doc. t.code: VT01n

    Create shipment cost doc. t.code: VI01

    Shipment cost settlement and documents


    After the shipment cost settled in shipment cost document, it has the following affects:


    •It creates a service entry sheet that refers to the purchase order determined.

    •It posts acceptance of services performed.

    •It creates an accounting document for the accruals.

    •Further subsequent documents are created in FI.

    Now we check some of the above documents by using the document flow.


    1.Access the transaction using:

    Menu Logistics  Logistic Execution  Transportation Shipment cost  Display Single document

    Transaction code VI02

    2.Enter values like this in selection screen:

    Field Name Value Comments

    Shipment cost No. Enter the no. you note down in previous step.

    3.Press enter, on the Standard display – Overview: Freight Cost Items screen, press document flow button.

    4.Double click the service acceptance line and you can see the system post a service goods receipts upon the purchase order, also you can check the accounting document.

    5.Exit the shipment cost document.

    Settlement with forwarding agency


    After the shipment document was settled, it generates a record in GR/IR, and after we receive invoice from the vendor and post incoming invoice, the GR/IR account is cleared and the vendor’s A/P account is debited.

    The following steps are included:

    • check the GR/IR account

    • check the vendor’s A/P account

    • post invoice from the vendor by using Logistic invoice verification,

    • check GR/IR account and vendor’s account again.


    1.For checking GR/IR account, Access the transaction using

    Menu Logistics  Material Management Logistic Invoice Verification GR/IR account maintenance  Maintain GR/IR account

    Transaction code MR11

    2.Enter values like this in selection screen:

    Field Name Value Comments

    Company code

    Posting date Today’s date The valid posting date

    Purchase order date from to Appropriate range

    3.Press the execute button, then the relative GR/IR account listed, you can check the related PO date in which, the service items can be shown.

    4.For checking A/P account, Access the transaction using

    Menu Accounting  Financial Accounting  Accounts Payable 

    Account  Display balance

    Transaction code FK10N

    5.Enter values like this in selection screen:

    Field Name Value Comments


    Company code

    Fiscal year Current year

    6.Press execute button

    7.In this case, system should tell you there is no records find in the fiscal year because we do not post any information for this vendor, the amount still in GR/IR account.

    8.For posting invoice from the vendor, Access the transaction using

    Menu Logistics  Material Management Logistic Invoice Verification Enter invoice

    Transaction code MIRO

    9. Enter values like this in selection screen:

    Field Name Value Comments

    Invoice date Today’s date

    PO reference tab

    Select Transportation service Agent

    More allocation criteria The next button


    Shipment cost header On the pop up screen

    Shipment cost number The no. you processed in the previous step


    10.Execute, you can see the relative cost amount is bring from the shipment cost document

    11.Press Basic data tab and enter the same amount as the filed amount in PO reference tab. you may calculate the tax by yourself or by the system, but make sure the balance is zero (the traffic light is green). If the system asks for baseline date, enter system date.

    12.Post the document by pressing the save button.

    13.Check the invoice



    14. Check the GR/IR account, you can use t-code or by menu like in step 1-3, here, you will find the GR/IR acc. cleared.


    reward if it helps



    Prasanna R

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    Shesagiri G
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    Shipment cost in shipping contains create the shipment cost doc., process the shipment, monitor the shipment, calculate the shipment and settle the shipment.


    Shipment cost doc. contains calculate the shipment, assign to accounting, transfer to FI and settle the shipment cost.


    Shipment cost doc. divided into header, item and sub item data.


    We need to assign transportation planning point to com. code to calculate and settle the shipment cost.


    1. Define date rules:- In this IMG activity you define the date rules that determine which dates are chosen for determining the pricing date and the settlement date and the sequence in which they are accessed. The dates can be, for example, the end of transportation planning or the start of lading.

    2. Define and assign tariff zones:-In this IMG activity, you define the tariff zones and assign postal code areas to the tariff zones for each organizational key. The tariff zones are represent geographical influencing factors during the calculation of shipment costs.

    3. Define no. ranges for shipment cost:-In this IMG activity you define the number interval for the shipment cost documents. When creating a shipment cost document, a unique number is generated. The number comes from the number range that you create in this menu point as the internal number range.

    You can also create an external number range. The option to specify a number from the external number range when creating the shipment cost document is, however, not currently supported.

    4. Shipcost types and item cat.:-In this IMG activity, you define the shipment cost types and item categories that contain all important control features for the shipment cost document, such as:

    Number range

    Status requirements for the shipment documents

    Parameters for shipment costing

    Parameters for shipment settlement

    5.shipcost relevance and default for shipcost types:-In this IMG activity you assign the shipment cost types to the shipment types and set an indicator to show whether the cost type is relevant to shipment costing. You do this for every cost type in every shipment type. .


    For the 'individual shipment' shipment type, you set the indicator for the cost types shipment header and leg, but not for the cost types border crossing or load transfer point. You also assign a shipment cost type to the shipment type. When you create a shipment cost document, this shipment cost type is determined automatically.

    6. Settlement:-

    Certain control elements must be maintained for calculating shipment costs with the transportation service agent and for forwarding of shipment costs to FI and CO.

    you can maintain these control elements and carry out the corresponding assignments.


    -- Assign purchasing data

    --maintain acc. assignment cat.

    --automatic G/L acc. determination

    --automatic determination of CO assignments

    --invoices and credit memos


    check this link