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Please send me tables list of crm

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I am new in crm please any one tell me list of table which is used in crm.


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    Arjun Pawar
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    Hi Gurprit,

    The following are different tables in CRM :


    <b>Master Data Tables</b>

    <b>Business Partner</b>

    BUT000     BP: General data

    Contains Business Partner Number, Partner Category, Partner Type, First Name, Last Name etc.

    BUT020     BP: Addresses

    BUT050     BP relationships/role definitions: General data

    Contains Relationship, Partner Number (PARTNER1), Relationship Category

    BUT051     BP Relationship: Contact Person Relationship

    Similar to BUT050 , additionally contains Contact Person’s Address data

    BUT0BK     Business Partner: Bank Data & Details

    BP Number, Bank Key, Bank Country Key, Bank Account Number

    BNKA     Bank Master Data

    BUT100     BP: Roles

    ADR2     Telephone Numbers (Business Address Services)

    ADR6     SMTP Numbers (Business Address Services)

    Contains Email – Id of the BP.

    ADRC     Addresses (Business Address Services)

    BP’s Complete Address Details- City, Country, Post Code, District, Street, Title No Etc

    TSAD3T     Table containing the Title text against a Title No.


            Pass the langu key with the

            language in which you want the



    COMM_PRODUCT     Master Table for Product

    CRMM_BUAG     Master table for Business Agreement

    CRMM_BUAG_H     Header Data for Business Agreement such as Tax Category, Tax Characteristic, Form key, Business Agreement Class. Data in this table correspond to ISU Contract account table FKKVKP.

    CRMM_BABR_H     Rule data for business agreements – data in this table correspond to ISU Contract account table FKKVK

    Business Transaction(Service Contracts in Particular)

    CNCCRMPRCUSZZBUR     Condition Records for Service Contracts. We get Basic Unit Rate, Standing Charge Rate etc.

    (This is a Z table used in a leading ISU SAP-CRM implementation. You can give the table SAP0090 – this is a standard table. – in general all condition tables have the naming convention CNCC*)

    CRMD_ORDERADM_H     Contains the Header Information for a Business Transaction.


    1.     It doesn’t store the Business Partner

           responsible for the transaction. To 

           get the Partner No, link it with


    2.     This table can be used for search

           based on the Object Id(Business

           Transaction No). 

    CRMD_CUSTOMER_H     Additional Site Details at the Header Level of a Business Transaction

    CRMC_PROC_TYPE     Master table Business Transaction Type

    CRMC_PARTNER_FCT     Definition of Partner Functions

    SCPRIOT     Priorities for Activities with priority text.


            Pass the langu key with the

            language in which you want the


    CRMC_PROC_TYPE_T     Text for a transaction type

    CRMC_ACT_OBJ_T     Objective Number and Text for Activities

    TJ30T     All the status code and text

    CRMC_PR_ASSIGN     Transaction Type and its Transaction Type Object.

    IBIB     Installed Base/Ibase

    IBIN     Installed Base Components


    <b>Transaction Data Tables</b>

    CRMD_LINK     Transaction GUID set for all the Business Transactions

    CRMD_ORDER_INDEX     Contains Header as well as Item details for a Business Transaction.


    1.     It doesn’t store the Business 

          Transaction No (Object ID).

          To get the Business Transaction No  

          link the table with


    2.   This table can be used for search

          based on the Partner No

    CRMD_ORDERADM_I     Stores the Item information for a Business Transaction. The scenarios where we have a Contract Header and within contract we have Line Items for the contract, this table can be useful.

    E.g. Service Contracts

    CRMD_CUSTOMER_I     Additional Site Details at the Item Level of a Service Contract

    SCAPPTSEG     Table for individual Appointment Types for a transaction. 

    CRM_JEST     Individual Object Status for any business transaction.

    CRM_JCDS     Current Status for a business transaction along with set date, set time and status code.




    TABLES...Important one.


    1. COMM_PRODUCT: Product header and administration data.

    2. CRMC_T077D: customer account groups

    3. CRMD_ORDERADM_I (Item data)

    CRMD_ORDERADM_H: Business Transactions header CRM

    4.CRMD_ACTIVITY_H: Activity

    5.CRMD_OPPORT_H :Opportunity

    6.BUTOO : Customer details

    7.BUT001:BP General data II

    8.BUT100: BP Roles

    9.BUT150: BP relationship: Attribute table (test different

    10.BUT_HIER_TREE Business Partner Group Hierarchy

    11.CDBC_T_PRODUCTID Mapping: Product Id

    12.CDBD_ORGMAN Business transaction - organizational unit - set

    13.COMC_PRODUCT General Product Settings

    14.COMC_R3_FIELDS Assignment of R/3 material master fields to CFOP

    15.COMM_CATEGORY Category

    16.COMM_CFGMAT Basic Data for Materials

    17.COMM_HIERARCHY Category Hierarchy

    18.COMP_TYPES Hierarchy Tool: Comparison Type Check Table

    19.CRMC_CPRICPROC Customer Pricing Procedures

    20.SMOKVBEZ15 Assignment employees to positions


    R/3 Tables re CRM:


    1. CRMRFCPAR: CRM Destination.

    2. CRMPRLS: Name of the Logical System for Download(GUID).

    3. CRMCONSUM: Consumer entry (must match consumer of object in R3AC*).

    4. KNA1: Business Partner Master Data.

    5. CRMPARNR: Partner Functions \ Contacts

    6. CRMKUNNR: Business Partner GUIDS

    7. KNVV: Sales Area Data

    8. KNVP: Sales Area Data

    9. KNVK: Contact Person

    10. TBE31 & 34: Events/Enhancement

    11.MARA: Products

    12. CRMFILTAB: Filters

    13. CRMBP_MAP_BUGRP: Mapping of Business Partner Grouping

    14. CRMCLASSIF: Account Groups in Replication into R/3

    15. CRMCONSUM Possible Users R/3 Adapter Functionality

    16.CRMFILFLD Permitted Table Fields for Filtering

    17.CRMFILTAB Filter Criteria for Download

    18.CRMINTBAP Assignment of Internal& External Table FLD

    19.CRMKTOKD Assign Classification and Grouping R/3 Account Groups

    20.CRMKUNNR Mapping Table Business Partner - Customer

    21.CRMMAPTAB: Relationship Between Table Names in CRMOBJTAB (Tables Belonging to One Object) and BAPIMTCS is Middleware Transaction Container Structure

    22.CRMPARNR Mapping Table Business Partner Relationship - Contact Person

    23.CRMPAROLTP CRM OLTP Parameter

    24.CRMQNAMES Queue Name Management for CRM-QRFC Supply

    25.CRMSUBTAB Subscription Table for Up and Download Objects

    26.COM_BUPA_CALL_FU Determining FMs for Data Exchange BP

    27.COM_BUPA_BCSET Central Settings Data Exchange Business Partner

    28.TCRMBP_REFCUST Default Reference Customer



    CRM Tables:


    1.CRMMLSGUID: GUID entry (should match GUID in CRMPRLS) also its LOGSYS-change-LOG.

    2. CRMM_BUT_CUSTNO: Also GUID table (GUID here should match GUID in R/3 table CRMKUNNR)

    3.SMOFSUBTAB: Mapping & Parameters

    4.SMOFDSTAT: Download Monitor (R4AM1)

    5.SMOFFILTAB: Filters (Should match filters in R3AC1 & R/3 Table CRMFILTAB)


    6.SMOFOBJECT Definition of Objects for Download

    7.SMOFOBJPAR Parent Objects of an Object in Table

    8.SMOFPARSFA Middleware Parameter

    9.SMOFQFIND Queue Finder Table for MW-Queue finder

    10.SMOFTABLES Definition of Tables for Download.

    11. CRM_JEST: Individual Object Status

    12. CRMD_SHIPPING: Business Transaction - Shipping Set

    13. COMM_PRODUCT: Product

    14. CRMD_ORDERADM_H: Business Transaction

    15. COM_TA_R3_ID: R3 Identification

    16. SCAPPTSEG: Folder for Individual Appointments

    17. CRMD_PARTNER: Partners

    18. CRMD_CUSTOMER_H: Transaction - Customer Extension


    Hope it will help you.

    Let me know if you require list FM's also



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    Rahul G
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    Hi Arjun,


    Could you please post the Function modules. I'm especially looking for IBASE info.