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Vasu Gunda
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Hi ...

can anyone provide good material on SY-BINPT....what is the purpose of this system variable??? How to use it...I mean in what situations should we use it......also please provide me sample programs....in which the role of this field is highlighted......Thanks in advance.....!!!!




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    Rupesh Kumar
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    <b>X</b> - while a batch input session is running and when an ABAP program is called

         using  CALL TRANSACTION USING, otherwise space. 


         OPTIONS FROM in the CALL TRANSACTION USING statement can set

         SY-BINPT to <b>space</b> either for the entire duration of the program, or at the

         end  of the BDC data. 


         sy-binpt is use to check programme running under batch input(BDC).


         SY-BINPT is always space during a CATT procedure.



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    Rama Pammi
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    SY-BINPT is meant for Batch Input.


    Do not end transaction at COMMIT WORK NOBINPT No batch input mode (that is, SY-BINPT = SPACE) NOBIEND No batch input mode after the end of BDC data. The components DEFSIZE.





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    anju sinha
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    sy-binpt is use to check programme running under batch input(BDC).

    No batch input mode (that is, SY-BINPT = SPACE)

    This field indicates if the transaction was called in a Batch Input session or by an online user.To test it, a batch input session must be created. From Release 3.1g the next procedure can be used.

    Create a report which displays this system field

    Create a Transaction code for this report

    Use transaction SHDB to record a the previous transaction

    Press the Overview button and choose the 'generate program' function.

    Running the previously generated program it will create a Batch Input session

    Now call transaction SM35 and process the created Batch Input in foreground. It should display an 'X' for system field SY-BINPT.



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    Hi friend,


    It is used to determine where there was online processing or batch processing..

    Let me tell u the steps..


    1) do some recording in SHDB.

    2) In ur program code use the stmt...   write : /  sy-binpt.

    3) make session.

    4) execute the session.

    5) Then U will understand..


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