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CRM Workflow: Tutorial

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Hi All,


I am new to CRM workflow. If anybody implemented workflow in CRM or having some document/tutorial relevant to the same, please forward it to me!.

e-mail: sudeepvd@yahoo.com

Any help will be highly appreciated(points)..


Thanks in advance, Sudeep..

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    Venkat Mallela
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    Sending A email via Work flow

    You can trigger an action (Sending an email) on Condition (Status change) mentioning the processing time(immediately, later on),Processing types.

    Assign this action profile to Transation type Service Request which has the Action Definition, emailing is done through smartforms.


    Actions are used to automate your processes. For Eg:

    1. You want the status to set to completed, when the contract validity gets over

    2. On start of every month an order should get generated from a contract

    3. Send an e-mail whenever the SLA's are breached



    WIth every action you can have conditions attached. As in my first example, the condition will be contract validity is completed etc.


    For the customization required for the same u an refer CR100 or help.sap.com


    Action are defined to let some activity to take place with out any manual interaction. like account Manager has pproved a Campaign Budget and the Same mail has to be sent to the Campaign Manager informing about the same.

    Or some thing like I have a sales order saved with out any errors and action defined will trigger the Print of the Order.


    You can trigger followup activities and workflows also.


    Processing Actions


    1)Define an Action profile and assign it to a Transaction type.

    2)For action a Schedule condition,Start condition should be fulfilled and Processing types(Smartforms,Workflows, Methods(BADI) are used to carryout the objective.


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