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Last cycle count date population before go live.

Avas K Pattojoshi
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In my client there is a requirement to upload the last count date from legacy to sap at the time of cutover. This they want as after inventory load they dont want to start counting everything which A kind of materials. Client is asking, since i have this date, so keep this date in SAP & then calculate the next date in SAP after go live from that date.

I searched all the places & found that since the field is internal i really cannot populate this. Is there any standard program or some how create one program to upload this date. If yes then plz let me know. If you had used this methodology, then kindly provide me the details.

Thanks in advance.


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    Arif Mansuri
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    Hello Avas,


    Here is also the same problem, I provided program to upload the last inventory date in quant data table.


    You also need to make changes in LICC program to consider this inventory date. Highly recommanded to take the help from developer to make changes if you have difficulty to understand program.


    Cycle Couting Issue


    The LICC changes will be as follow:


    *.......accepting IDATU only when quant has an IVNUM..................

    •    if not lqua-ivnum is initial. - Arif Mansuri( Intelligroup)

          move: lqua-idatu to xwmim-idatu, " Date of inv. by quant

                lqua-idatu to tab-idatu.

    •    endif.- Arif Mansuri (Intelligroup)

    *.......if there is no inventory data: take date of quant creation....



    Hope this helps.




    Arif Mansuri