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MDM vs. Middleware - Pros and Cons

Nicolas Fink
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what would be the benefits of using MDM instead of XI/Seebeyond/etc. to perform the mapping of data?

Assume you have 30 different client systems connected to MDM and they all recieve different data then either the Syndicator could assure that the data is split up correctly or the middleware could take care of that.

e.g. the data model has 50 fields and some of them should be distributed to some systems. Wouldn't it be easier to build one syndication map with all 50 fields and then let the middleware split the files up based on the mapping?


What are the pros and cons of using the MDM side to do so?


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    Hi Nico,


    1 Disadvantage of MDM-Syndicator can be Time. 30 maps will definately take a lot of time. (There are no background processes in MDM)


    1 Disadvantage of non-sap middleware (Sorry I not seen XI ) - Its not advisable to use other middleware since Customer will get wrong signals about SAP capabilities.

    Its definitely advisable to use XI in these kind of scenarios.




    - An


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    Michael Theis
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    Hi Nicolas,


    the first question I'd ask myself is why do I have to split my data so many times? In a "perfect world example", the MDM should contain central data, meaning that the data model covers all the data that is really required within all attached systems and not more. This enables an optimized MDM data model that has for sure several advantages (performance, repository size, and so on). Furthermore it allows and enable the maintenance of the local data within the corresponding system and by the corresponding experts. I'm not sure if it's really the groal and intention of an MDM repository to cover and contain all existing data.


    Regarding your question, it's currently a fact that the syndicator does not yet provide so many logical mapping/filtering possibilities. Of course you can create one syndication map per target system, but this does not meet your assumption, doesn't it? The filter mechanism you've describe is not yet implemented within MDM Syndicator. From my point of view it's valid to think about using the middleware to solve this issue. Within the SAP delivered repositories we're using the XI as well to perform some logical, structural mapping (e.g. Business Partner Tax Numbers to CREMAS/DEBMAS IDoc fields).


    BR Michael