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praksh sai
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Hi Guru's


what is the use of this transcation



tell me procedure

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    Asam Reddy
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    T.code F111 is used to make payment to the payment requests that you would have created for the vendors, customer and GL a/cs.


    Processing automatic payment for payment request transactions are same as F110


    Thank you,


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      praksh sai
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      what is the procedure


      it is very important


      i want to explain my client today

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          praksh sai
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          Hi Radha


          Really Thanks


          Pls can u send any documentation


          Because , it is very important


          Pls send F111





          it is very urgent


          what is the frist step

          before entering f111


          Because , in this activity we can pass G/L Account Checks

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            hi prakash,



            Follow these steps

            Enter Run Date- May be current or the date to be printed on the cheques/ advice

            Enter Idenditification- to identify your proposal


            Click on Tab Parameters

            Enter-Posting Date

            Docs entered up to- system date for the considering the doucments for the payment.

            Enter company codes for which u want to execute APP, payment method and the Next payment date will be the date after the run date mentioned above.


            Enter range of Vendors and/or Customers for the payment run


            If you are doing Forex payments enter the rate type


            U can leave the Free Selection Tab as blank


            Tab-Additional Log check 1,2 & 4th boxes enter the vendor or/and customer range


            Tab- Printout/data Medium select the variant against the program created for the payment method.


            Save the parameters- Ctrl+S


            Tab- Status- Message "Parameters have been entered" is found


            Click on the Schedule Proposal button

            a pop up will appear check the tick box Start Immediately


            Press Continue


            "Proposal is ready to be started" message appears on the status Tab

            Press enter untill " Payment proposal has been created" message appars on the Status Tab.


            Click on the Pmnt Run button ,

            Press Continue in the pop up


            "Payment run is ready to be started" message appears on the status Tab

            Press enter till the message" Posting orders: XX generated, XX completed" appears.


            Now F110 is over and cheques are ready for printing.


            Click on the Printout button to print the cheques


            Note: Hope you have completed all the required config in FBZP.



            assign me the points....



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            Radha Nannapaneni
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            Before running F111, you need to configure APP (same as for F110)




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              praksh sai
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              Se  radha


              in this transaction


              there is one addvantage


              that is




              if i post


              rent ---10000

              To rent Payable -10000


              Se  there no vendor /Customer


              but, i want to take cheque printing Your's slef (or) any name


              It is possible here


              any Entry

              both Debit ,(or) Credit  G/l account


              But, need to take cheque print


              That is possible here


              i saw in IDEAS Server



              My client is asking



              i will post


              Rent a/c

              To Rent payable


              I don't want craete vendor


              I will pay

              Rent payable

              To Bank


              Issue of name Any thing eg:- ravi , (or) your's self



              But , it is poosble in this Transaction


              Tell tell me what is the porocedure


              I am not getting

              i want to show my client as early as possible



              this is my mail Id




              if give mail id i will send screen shorts


              than , at least give solution


              i don;t have any Fico Consutant


              I am working implemention project


              pls help me

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                Radha Nannapaneni
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                Go to F111

                Enter parameters (tab on the application bar)


                Enter next payment run ( some other later date), company code, pament method and your GL account (rent account)


                Then click on payment medium, give variant under rffous_c


                Go back and click onl dynamic selections enter your housebank details


                Enter aditional log, check line items display and give your other gl account there (payable account)


                Then save, you got the message parameters have been entered...


                then click on proposal.. you will get message ...then press enter


                then click on payment medium ... you will get message... then press enter....




                Then go to SE38  give program variant rffous_c and enter remaining required fields and then execute F8


                Hope this will works



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                  praksh sai
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                  i am getting this error



                  Company codes 1000/1000 do not appear in proposal 27.09.2007 DAY1 R; correct

                  Message no. FZ003



                  No data exists for the specified paying company code 1000 and the specified sending company code 1000 in payment proposal 27.09.2007 DAY1 R.


                  System Response

                  The payment proposal cannot be edited.



                  Check the flow trace and payment proposal list in order to determine why the specified company codes are not contained in the proposal.





                  pls suggest radha

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                    Radha Nannapaneni
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                    First do the configuration in FBZP.... then do F111


                    In FBZP configure one by one tab.... it is needed for any automatic payment programme



                    In first tab -- all company codes... give your company codes


                    In the second tab -- paying company codes --- also your company codes


                    in the third tab -- give payment method in courntry... check or some other method you are following


                    in the fourth tab -- give payment method of company ... same as above


                    In the fifth tab - bank determination- you need to configure all those left items displayed under bank selection


                    In the sixth tab-- define your house bank and give details


                    These are the main steps required.



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                      praksh sai
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                      I done my configration in FBZP


                      when i do F110 I am not getting error s



                      when use F111 I am getting


                      see i want to take check print in this transaction


                      that is my reason


                      Iwhat is the procedure of F111


                      Take Example



                      To Telephone payable




                      Telephone Payble

                      To Bank


                      IMy client is asking


                      i want to check printing Any name


                      pls sugges t



                      this is my frist implemention


                      pls suggest ask to friends also