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Logical Database - PNP, PCH, PNPCE

rohini devi
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Hi Experts,


I would like to know about the logical databases we are using .

Logical Database - PNP, PCH, PNPCE, basic principles


If any body cud let me know about the differences , requiremnts , associated with these Logical databses will be much helpful for me.



Rohini Devi


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    Ramesh Gudise
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    hi ,



    The LDB is special type of ABAP program that combines the contents of certain related database tables and retrieve some related data and make it available to application programs.

    In other words, a LDB is a method by which ABAP programs read and process the data. The sequence in which the data is supplied to the program is determined by a tree structure.

    The LDB usually consists of the following components.



    Database programs

    A logical database can contain a maximum of 300 tables

    Functions of LDB:

    Data retrieval :

    The personnel data of each employee is loaded into the main memory where it can be accessed for processing.

    Screening :

    Employees can be selected according to the organizational criteria entered on the selection screen.

    E.g...Hourly wage earners in a particular personnel sub area

    Authorization check : This ensures that the person starting the evaluation Is authorized to access the report data.

    Not only for authority checks for fetch LDB's are used to data also we use LDB's. they provide selection screen by default.HR data is stored in cluster tables so to retrieve data we use LDb's and macros etc



    in HR ABAP WE have LDBs like PNP , PCh, PAP.


    this will used for


    pnp is for PA And  TM reporting


    Logical database

    A logical database is a special ABAP/4 program which combines the contents of certain database tables. Using logical databases facilitates the process of reading database tables.


    HR Logical Database is PNP


    Main Functions of the logical database PNP:


    Standard Selection screen

    Data Retrieval

    Authorization check 

    To use logical database PNP in your program, specify in your program attributes.


    Standard Selection Screen


    Date selection

    Date selection delimits the time period for which data is evaluated. GET PERNR retrieves all records of the relevant infotypes from the database.  When you enter a date selection period, the PROVIDE loop retrieves the infotype records whose validity period overlaps with at least one day of this period.

    Person selection

    Person selection is the 'true' selection of choosing a group of employees for whom the report is to run.

    Sorting Data

    · The standard sort sequence lists personnel numbers in ascending order.

    · SORT function allows you to sort the report data otherwise. All the sorting fields are from infotype 0001.

    Report Class

    · You can suppress input fields which are not used on the selection screen by assigning a report class to your program.

    · If SAP standard delivered report classes do not satisfy your requirements, you can create your own report class through the IMG


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    manoj kumar
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    See the documentation in the transaction code -SE36 by putting each logical databases.


    Have a look at this links also.



    PNP and PNPCE

    Difference between PNP and PCH logical database


    Reward points if helpful




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    rohini devi
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    Solved myself.

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    Gorantla Guravaiah
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    i have one doubt .


    i have 500 employees in organization , how to process  payroll for only 450 employess