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Table names

Ronald Rene
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can any one provide me with the table names in BW.


Thanks in advance,



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    Gattu Chaithanya
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    For System tables there is no naming convention as such..

    Usually configuration related tables start with T*..

    few examples:--

    T000 Clients

    T002 Language Keys

    T002C Customizing Data for T002


    If you are looking for standard ODS and cubes that are delivered by SAP..

    Example of they look like for dimension tables..

    /BI0/D0BWTC_C02P Data Package

    /BI0/D0BWTC_C02T Time


    Usually they start with /BI0/* for standard business content objects and /BIC/* for custom ODS and cubes etc you develop..


    We have R* tables that are important for various other things..




    RODELTAM BW Delta Process

    RODELTAMT BW Delta Process (Text)

    RODIOBJ InfoObjects of the source system


    And also please go thru these threads for more information about tables:


    Tables in BW

    Master tables  & fact tables

    tables for attributes

    Dim tables


    Hope it helps.


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    Habeebuddin Mohammed
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    Hi Ronlad,


    <b>BW TABLE NAMES:</b> Naming Convention:

    Note: You can replace the BIC with BI0 for business content objects.


    1./bic/f (cube name) is the fact table of a content cube

    2./bic/D (cube name) P is the package dimension of a content cube

    3./bic/D(cube name) U is the unit dimension of a content cube

    4./bic/D(cube name) T is the time dimension of a content cube

    5./bic/D(cube name) I is the user defined dimension of a content cube

    6./bic/m (object name) master data of object

    7./bic/t (object name) text data of object

    8./bic/H (object name) hierarchy data of object




    1. RSDIOBJ - index of all Info Objects

    2.RSSELDONE - Monitor: Selections for executed request

    3.RSREQDONE - Monitor: Saving of the QM entries, state of the uploads, all info about the upload via request number, field: RNR



    <i>ODS Table names</i>


    1.New data: /BIC/A (ODS NAME)40


    2.Active data: /BIC/A (ODS NAME)00


    3.Change log: /BIC/B ( NUMBERS)



    The Fact Table is partitioned by request-id.

    When you compress an info cube, the fact table changes, from /bic/f<info cube> to /bic/e<info cube>. This compressed fact table can be partitioned by time (month or year).




    • RSTSODS (Operational Data Store for the transfer structure) table that contain relation between "ODS Name" and PSA Table.


    Hope this helps.




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    P. R. BI-Formance BV
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    Hi Ronald, here we go for BW specific tables related to loaded data:


    /BIC/H*            Hierarchy: InfoObject

    /BIC/I*             SID Structure of Hierarchies

    /BIC/K*           Conversion of Hierarchy Nodes - SID

    /BIC/P*           Master Data (Time-Ind.): Characteri

    /BIC/Q*           Master Data (Time-Ind.): Characteri

    /BIC/S*           Master Data IDs: InfoObject

    /BIC/T*           Texts: Char.

    /BIC/X*           Attribute SID Table: InfoObject

    /BIC/Y*           Attribute SID Table (Time-Dep.):

    /BIC/B*           Transfer structure PSA/Changelog

    /BIC/A*           ODS Active records

    /BIC/F*           Info cube F-Fact table

    BIC/E*            Info cube E-Fact table (compressed records)

    /BIC/D*           info cube dimension tables

    Regards,  Patrick Rieken.


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    Habeebuddin Mohammed
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    Here come some more tables not very related only to BW but important when you 'restoring' connection to source systems after upgrades/migrations:

    TBDLS - Logical system customization, when you run TA: BDLS

    EDP21 - Partner Profile, when you run TA: WE20

    RSBASIDOC - Assignment of source systems to BIW systems incl. IDoc type



    In V_COMPDIR_COMPIC you can also see all your reports/Info cubes. The advantage is that you can see the name/text of the query, not only the technical id.


    RSRREPDIR (Directory of all reports) which is the table containing all your reports.




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    Habeebuddin Mohammed
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    Here are some more:


    <i>For authorization:</i>


    RSSTOBJDIR (Management Table for Authorization Objects): Link between specific authorization object and Info source (table used by transaction RSSM)



    <i>Relevant Table names:</i>


    RSDCUBEIOBJ Objects per Info Cube (where-used list)

    RSDODSOATRNAV Info Object in ODS (navigational attributes)

    RSDODSOIOBJ Info Object in ODS

    RSDIOBJT Info Object texts

    RSDIOBJ Directory of all Info Objects

    RSDKYF Key figures

    RSDBCHATR Master data attributes

    RSBBSQUERYDIR BW: Directory of the Query Sender

    RSBBSQUERY BW: Query Receiver

    RSBBSQUERYT BW: Texts for Query Receiver

    TQOP Compare Operators for View Maintenance Query

    TQOPT Compare operators for view maintenance query (texts)

    TQLOT Logical operators for view maintenance query (texts)

    ROMSDIOBJ BIW: Assignment of master data attributes to Info Objects

    RODCHA BIW: Info Objects / characteristics

    RODIOBJCMP BIW: Info Objects / compounding

    RODKYF BIW: Key figures

    ROAPPLT BIW: Name of the application components

    RSUICDONE BIW: Selection table for user-selection update ICs

    RODTIM BIW: Time characteristics

    RODUNI BIW: Units

    RSIST Info Source texts

    RSIS Info Source (transaction data)

    RSISOSMAP Mapping Between Info Sources and OLTP Sources

    RSOSFIELDMAP Mapping Between OLTP Source Fields and Info Objects

    RSUPDDAT Update rules key figures

    RSUPDKEY Update rule: Key per key figure

    RSUPDROUT Update rules - ABAP routine - check table

    RSRWBINDEXT Titles of binary objects (Excel workbooks) in Info Catalog

    RSRWORKBOOK 'Where-used list' for reports in workbooks

    RSDDIME Dimensions directory

    RSDDIMEIOBJ Info Objects per dimension (where-used list)

    RSDDIMET Dimension Texts

    RSZCOMPDIR Directory of reporting components

    RSZELTATTR Attribute selection per dimension element

    RSZELTDIR Directory of the reporting component elements

    RSZELTTXT Texts of reporting component elements

    RSZELTXREF Directory of query element references

    RSZGLOBV Global Variables in Reporting

    RSDCUBET Texts for the Info Cubes.



    •Evaluating the table DD02T via transaction SE16 gives you all existing tables.

    A very large list of course, but you can preselect (for example RSD*).




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    Krish K
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    Transfer Rules

    RSTS Transfer Structure

    RSTSFIELD Transfer Structure fields

    RSTSRULES Transfer Structure rules

    RSAROUTT Text name of Transfer Routine

    DD03T Text for R/3 Transfer structure Objects

    Update Rules

    RSUPDROUT  Update rules

    RSUPDDAT Update rules with routines

    RSUPDKEY Update rule key fields

    RSUPDINFO InfoProvider to Infosource correlation

    Embedded ABAP coding for Transfer / Update Rules

    RSAABAP ABAP source code per object routine


    RSLDPIO Links datasource to infopackages

    RSLDPIOT InfoPackage Text Description

    RSLDPRULE ABAP source code for InfoPackages

    RSLDPSEL Hardcoded selections in InfoPackages

    RSMONICDP Contains the request-id number by data target

    RSPAKPOS List of InfoPackage Groups / InfoPackages


    RSEVENTCHAIN Event Chain Processing Event Table

    RSEVENTHEAD Header for the event chain

    RSEVENTHEADT Header for the event chain

    RSPCCHAIN Process chain

    RSPCCHAINATTR Attributes for a Process Chain

    RSPCCHAINEVENTS Multiple Events with Process Chains

    RSPCCHAINT Texts for Chain

    RSPCCOMMANDLOG  System Command Execution Logs (Process Chains)

    RSPCLOGCHAIN Cross-Table Log ID / Chain ID

    RSPCLOGS Application Logs for the Process Chains

    RSPCPROCESSLOG  Logs for the Chain Runs

    RSPCRUNVARIABLES Variables for Process Chains for Runtime

    RSPC_MONITOR Monitor individual process chains


    RSZELTDIR Directory of the reporting component elements

    RSZELTTXT Texts of reporting component elements

    RSZELTXREF Directory of query element references

    RSRREPDIR Directory of all reports (Query GENUNIID)

    RSZCOMPDIR Directory of reporting components



    List of binary large objects (Excel workbooks)



    Titles of binary objects (Excel workbooks)



    Storage for binary large objects (Excel workbooks)



    Assignment of Excel workbooks as personal templates



    ‘Where-used list’ for reports in workbooks




    Web templates



    Storage of the Web Objects



    Texts for Templates/Items/Views



    Structure of the BW Objects in a Template



    Header Table for BW HTML Templates







    Directory of all InfoObjects



    Texts of InfoObjects



    Navigation Attributes



    Navigation Attributes



    Master Data Attributes



    Basic Characteristics (for Characteristics, Time Characteristics, and Units)



    Characteristics Catalog



    Data Package Characteristic



    Dependencies of InfoObjects



    Key Figures



    Time Characteristics


    RSDUNI   Units






    RSDCUBE Directory of InfoCubes


    RSDCUBET Texts on InfoCubes


    RSDCUBEIOBJ Objects per InfoCube (where-used list)


    RSDDIME Directory of Dimensions


    RSDDIMET Texts on Dimensions


    RSDDIMEIOBJ InfoObjects for each Dimension (Where-Used List)


    RSDCUBEMULTI InfoCubes involved in a MultiCube?



    MultiProvider?: Selection/Identification of InfoObjects


    RSDICHAPRO Characteristic Properties Specific to an InfoCube


    RSDIKYFPRO Flag Properties Specific to an InfoCube


    RSDICVALIOBJ  InfoObjects of the Stock Validity Table for the InfoCube






    RSDDAGGRDIR Directory of Aggregates


    RSDDAGGRCOMP Description of Aggregates


    RSDDAGGRT Text on Aggregates




    ODS Object


    RSDODSO Directory of all ODS Objects


    RSDODSOT Texts of all ODS Objects


    RSDODSOIOBJ InfoObjects of ODS Objects


    RSDODSOATRNAV Navigation Attributes for ODS Object


    RSDODSOTABL Directory of all ODS Object Tables






    RSTSODS Directory of all PSA Tables




    DataSource (= OLTP Source)


    ROOSOURCE Header Table for SAP BW DataSources (SAP Source System/BW System)


    RODELTAM BW Delta Procedure (SAP Source System)


    RSOLTPSOURCE Replication Table for DataSources in BW






    RSIS Directory of InfoSources with Flexible Update


    RSIST Texts on InfoSources with Flexible Update


    RSISFIELD InfoObjects of an InfoSource

    Communications Structure

    RSKS Communications Structure for InfoSources with Flexible Update

    RSKS Communications Structure (View) for Attributes for an InfoSource with Direct Update

    RSKSFIELD Texts on InfoSources with Flexible Update

    RSISFIELD InfoObjects of an InfoSource with Flexible Update

    Transfer Structure

    RSTS Transfer Structure in SAP BW

    ROOSGEN Generated Objects for a DataSource (Transfer Structure, for example in SAP Source System)


    RSISOSMAP Mapping Between InfoSources and DataSources (=OLTP Sources)

    RSOSFIELDMAP Mapping Between DataSource Fields and InfoObjects


    RSBSPOKESELSET InfoSpoke? Directory and Selection Options

    RSBSPOKEVSELSET InfoSpoke? Directory with Selection Options and Versioning

    SAP BW Statistics

    RSDDSTAT Basic Table for InfoCubes/Queries

    RSDDSTATAGGR Detail Table for Aggregate Setup

    RSDDSTATAGGRDEF  Detail Table of Navigation for each InfoCube/Query


    RSSELDONE InfoPackage selection and job program

    RSPSADEL PSA Table deletion

    TBTCP  Job Schedule Definition

    TBTCO  Job Schedule Result

    RSMONMESS  Monitor Messages

    RSERRORLOG  Check loading errors in table

    V_RSZGLOBV  Report Variables view table

    DEVACCESS  Developer Keys table

    TSTC  All Transactions in the system

    RSDDAGGRDIR  Directory of the aggregates

    ROIDOCPRMS  Control parameters for data transfer from the source system

    SMEN_BUFFC Objects in User's Favorites

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    Ronald Rene
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    Thanks Habeeb found what I was looking for.