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bw functional & tech

Bikid sap
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hi gurus


when apply for the jobs, i have been asked m i functional r technical consultant.


can anyone plz explain me, what all covered as a bw functional and what all covered for a bw technical.


and also they ask me about bw configuration experience, what exactly configuration in bw?.


thanks in advance

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    Murugan Padmanahan
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    In a nutshell a BW Functional Consultant would interact with business unit/users to determine and document the business requirements and come up with the functional specification document for the project and a BW Technical consultant would take the functional specificaiton document and will design and implement the project in SAP BW/BI.

    The functional specification document will be the main deliverable for the Functional Consultant which will be reviewed and signed off by the Technical Lead and the Business Manager/Director/Sponsor.

    The Technical Specification Document and the actual implementation in SAP BW will be the main deliverable of the Technical Consultant.

    Functional Specification Documents can be supplemented with Problem Statement Documents, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Documents, Supplementary Specification Documents, Use Case Documents which are all designed to assist the Technical Developer or Consultant in coming up with an accurate design/implementation that will help solve the problem/challenge that the business is facing.

    The Technical Specification Document will have the details of the implementation (In BW - it would mean cubes, ODS's transformation rules, extraction procedures, Schema Models etc depending upon the level of detail required by the organization) pertaining to the Software tool being used (in this case SAP BW).

    This is pretty standard SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Information which also applies to SAP BW.

    If you search on google and wikipedia for SDLC, Functional Requirements etc, you will get plenty of information that will assist you in your quest.

    Good Luck.


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    Raghavendra Kunchapudi
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    Hi Bikid,


    Here is the difference between a functional and technical consultant.


    Difference Between BW Technical and Functional

    In general Functional means, derive the funtional specification from the business requirement document. This job normally is done either by the business analyst or system analyst who has a very good knowledge of the business. In some large organizations there will be a business analyst as well as system analyst.


    In any business requirement or need for new reports or queries originates with the business user. This requirement will be recorded after discussion by the business analyst. A system analyst analyses these requirements and generates functional specification document.  In the case of BW it could be also called logical design in DATA MODELING.


    After review this logical desing will be translated to physical design . This process defines all the required dimensions, key figures, master data, etc.


    Once this process is approved and signed off by the requester(users), then conversion of this into practically usable tasks using the SAP BW software. This is called Technical. The whole process of creating an InfoProvider, InfoObjects, InforSources, Source system, etc falls under the Technical domain.


    What is the role of consultant has to play if the title is BW administrator? What is his day to day activity and which will be the main focus area for him in which he should be proficient?


    BW Administartor - is the person who provides Authorization access to different Roles, Profiles depending upon the requirement. 


    For eg. There are two groups of people : Group A and Group B.


      Group A - Manager


      Group B - Developer


    Now the Authorization or Access Rights for both the Groups are different.


    So for doing this sort of activity.........we required Administrator.


    Tips by : Raja Muraly, Rekha


    Which one is more in demand in SAP Job, ABAP/4 or BW?


    In terms of opportunities a career in SAP BW is sounds better.  


    ABAP knowledge will help you excel as a BW consultant, so taking the training in ABAP will be worth it.


    You can shift to BW coming from either an ABAP or functional consultant background. The advantages of the ABAP background is you will find it easier to understand the technical aspects of BW, such as when you need to create additional transfer structures or if you need to program any conversion routines for the data being uploaded, as well as being familiar with the source tables from SAP R/3.


    The advantage of coming from a functional consultant background is the knowledge of the business process. This is important when you're modeling new infocubes. You should be familiar with what kind of data/information your user needs and how they want to view/group the data together.


    Copied from SAP IMG.




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      Bikid sap
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      Hi MP & Kartik


      thanks for the information, i really do appreicate n reward points for u both, but one more question left behind i.e


      what is configuration experience for a bw consultant?


      i dont think when configuration means its configuring between R/3 and BW only, will u plz tell me on this.






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        Murugan Padmanahan
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        Configuration experience typically means having experience configuring a business process in R3. For example, configuring SD Process in R3 would mean configuring all the various user interaction screens in SD so that users can collect and enter the data into the transactional (R3) system as per business requirements / needs.

        For examples what are all the information a sales representative needs to collect from a customer at the time of customer inquiry / order. This information should be available in the Functional Specs / Technical Specs for an SD implementation project.

        If you were the developer on that project, you would need to configure the SD process to meet the business and technical requirements.

        Having that knowledge is what they are expecting when they say configuration experience is a plus or a must.

        Someone who was a SD consultant to begin with and then transitioned to BW would have this experience.

        Good luck.