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"Basic Type Does Not Exist"

Amit  Pal
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I am currently working on BI 7.0 .On trying to activate Source system and the system is giving me following error

<b>"Basic Type Does Not Exist"</b>

the source system is BI system(for transfer from ODS to Infocube).


Please provide path forward.

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    P. R. BI-Formance BV
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    Seems like the ale ports and idoc aggreements are not ok within the source system setup. Rightclick on the source system and run the restore option. This will correct these errors for you. If this does not work check these:



    184322 Procedure after DB copy of BW source systems

    886102 System Landscape Copy for SAP BW 2.X, 3.X and NW2004s BI

    325470 Activities after client copy in BW source systems

    325525 Copying and renaming systems in a BW environment

    184754 Procedure after BW database copy

    184447 Building a BW-system landscape

    184971 Notes on BW source system connections

    140276 Error in source system assignment

    524554 Storing destinations in the BW environment

    538052 Maintenance of Myself destination in BW


    Regards, Patrick Rieken.


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    Srinivas Reddy SAMA
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    Check the Roles for RFC User


    RFC user must have SAP_ALL



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    Renjith Kumar Palaniswamy
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    For example if you have Z***** DOES not exist then .


    It means it does not exist in the transaction WE30 .


    So ..


    1. WE 30 , The idoc tyoe must exisi in both the BW and r3

       system . It must be identical in structure .


    2. If if do not exist create a copy of RSSEND .


    3. Then enter in maintenance view of EDIMSG ( SM30 )


       Mess Type : RSSEND

       Idoc type :



    4. Make sure finally your RSBASIDOC Table have both the

       entries same in BW and R3


    Now create source system .


    Renjith Kumar