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what is process for payment run

ramkrishna kumar
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Hi guru,


Can any one tell what is process for Payment by F110.

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    Anji Reddy Vangala
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    COpy the Script F110_PRENUM_CHEK to some ZFORM and attach it in the F110 tcode for the related company code and payment method..

    You can do the required modifications to the script as per your requirement.

    Generally we use the Preprinted stationary for printing the cheque

    in which on the top vendor address and the fi doc line items will be printed.

    in the last cheque is printed.

    We have to print just few fields on that pre printed cheque like Vendor name, Amount, Date and amount in words etc.

    You have take some rought stationary xerox copies and to check by printing the fields whether they are correctly matching to the fields on the cheque exactly or not..have to adjust the positions and map.


    see the doc

    Run Payment Program (F110)


    Use this procedure to run the automatic payment program. The payment program is used to create cheques, BACs payments, electronic transfers, etc. for vendors. It is also used to create a direct debit file for customer payments. The payment program runs in three specific steps, which must be run in order.

    Create Payment Proposal. This is a listing of proposed payments. The proposal should be reviewed for accuracy and edited or deleted if incorrect. No postings or payments are created at this step.

    Create Payments. This step creates posting documents in the system, clearing the customer/vendor subledger accounts and posting the offsetting item to a cash or cash clearing account.

    Create Payment Media. This step creates the actual payments, sending cheque forms to the printer or creating files of electronic payments to be sent to the bank.


    Perform this procedure when you are ready to create vendor payments or to create a direct debit file for customers.


    • You must have the following master data prepared:

    • Banks and bank accounts with associated general ledger accounts;

    • Appropriate payment methods assigned to your company code;

    • Customer and vendor master records with the appropriate details completed.

    • If you wish to create a cheque payment, the vendor/customer master record must contain full address details.

    • If you wish to create an electronic payment, the vendor/customer master record must contain full bank details.

    • If you wish to create a direct debit transaction for a customer, the 'Col' (collection authorization) checkbox must be selected. This field is found on the General Data - Payment Transaction Data tab.

    Navigation Path

    Use the following navigation path to begin this transaction:

    • Select Processes è Purchase Requisition through to Payment è Payments è Automatic Payments è Run Payment Program to go to the Automatic Payment Transactions: Status screen.



    for more information please check out the link below it

    might help you