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what is meaning of PRICING REPORTS?

babu rao
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Hi Frends,

What is the meaning of Pricing Reports?

Why we use this reports?

What Purpose?

Can we create new pricing reports?If yes How?

Pl clarify with common examples


Babu Rao

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    Murtuza Khaja
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    Hello Babu Rao,

    A Pricing report basically helps to get the list of all the pricing details which we have maintained in the system. We can get details of all the condition types including the scales. We can get the details as per our requirement i.e., Sales org/Dc/Division/Plant /material etc wise. The selection criteria would be as per the Key combination which you select in the IMG screen


    You get following information from pricing report.


    1. It informs you about the customer specific price agreements that were made within a certain period

    2. From pricing report you can know which condition records exist for freight charges

    3. Which condition records exist for customers in a particular region or country


    u can create your own pricing reports with V/LA.





    V/LD is very useful. This can be customized.

    The sales personnel use it to


    1. get information for price (discounts) that existed at previous period (Say June 2005)


    2. Inform potential buyer about the current price (and discounts)


    3. Review price and discounts.


    Though all the above T Codes and there are many More standard SAP Reports  have very high utility, it is not widely used. Clients prefer customised reports when it comes to pricing reports - all Z programs and Transactions.


    These kind of reports are generally required by the Top Management for periodical review // Finance team for price control // Master data team for record purposes // Process audits by Internal/external agency // Of late, for every SOX audit done in the company...especially the change records for prices.


    Reward if its helpful..




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    prashanth gaddam
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    If you want information about pricing data stored in the system, you can create pricing reports. Pricing reports put together information from condition records, condition types and condition tables according to various different criteria. A report can provide you, for example, with answers to the following questions:


    Which customer-specific price agreements were made within a certain period?

    Which condition records exist for freight charges?

    Which condition records exist for customers in a particular region or country?

    Creating Pricing Reports


    Pricing reports are created in Customizing according to your company requirements and can be executed via the application menu. By using specific selection criteria you can change the scope of the pricing report, but you cannot change the criteria used to create the pricing report. This is carried out in Customizing.


    Additional Ways of Evaluating Condition Records


    In addition to using pricing reports to generate information about condition records, you can also carry out evaluations of specific condition types while you are working with condition records. In the overview screen of a condition record, choose Environment ® Condition information. You then reach a selection screen, where you can evaluate condition records according to specific criteria.


    You can create your own pricing reports in Customizing for Sales and Distribution under Sales and Distribution ® Basic Functions ® Pricing (Transaction V/LA). Technically speaking, pricing reports represent ABAP/4 programs.


    The SAP Standard System contains pre-defined pricing reports, that can be started via the application menu (Choose Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Master Data ® Information system ® Conditions and Pricing ® Pricing Reports). Pricing reports can also be used for maintaining conditions.