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how can i implement sap note on crm

swapna george
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can anyone please tell me how to apply sap note for CRM?

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    kotakonda yaswanth
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    U mean to say OSS notes . Please be clear.

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    Praveen Rangineni
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    Download the required SAP note from Service Market place. (Requires a username/password), will contain a step by step instructions.

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      kotakonda yaswanth
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      in the service.sap.com webpage, you  find  sap notes search in sap support portal.


      Once you give the service market place id  and password.

      you will be in the sap notes page.


      If you knnow the sap note number .. on the right hand side ..u can enter the number directly..

      Or else search for notes with the  serach terms  specifying which application you are using.

      Most of the notes are related to product errors.

      U find majorly.. Corrections, Patches to be applied..


      Ensure that which version youa re presently working on and check whehter the note is relevant for that version or not. lets say ..ur working on CRM 5.0 SP6.Check in the note that .. whether it is applicable for CRM 5.0SP6 or not.


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    HI Thomas,


    1. Releases: A note can be modified in case more changes can be included. In that case, a new 'release' of the note will be created. In snote, you can also find the function 'downlaod the latest version'. This means snote will check the current release in OSS can download it.


    2. Reference support pacakge: This is the support pcakge where the change in this OSS note is included. Any SP level equal or higher than that will make the note 'can not be implemented';


    3. Correction Instructions: One note can have one or multiple correction instruction. Usualy they're for different releases (620, 640, 700 etc.). But sometimes the CIs are for the same release and they will be implemented into the system sequentially when the note is being implemented.


    Normally, when you try to implement a note in SNOTE, go to the note browser, the note then has the 'implementation status'. ' can be implemented' means the note have the valid support pcakge level. 'cannot be implmented' means the note is already included the the support packages. "Not relevant' means the note changes a component which doesn't exist in the system.



    Satish Mathala

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    Jose Ignacio Martin
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    I think the easiest way you have to implement a OSS Note is just running the SNOTE transaction in your system and you'll go to the Note Assistant. From here, you can download the note and implement it very easily and efficiently.


    You have more info about SNOTE in service.sap.com/note-assistant


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    Regards, José Ignacio