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what is OSS

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    Naimesh Patel
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    You can find OSS note at SAP martket palce.. but for you need to have the OSS id and password... service.sap.com


    OSS is the notes which SAP has official publiced for the correction, or more information on perticular points.




    Naimesh Patel

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      Sheeba Bhaskaran
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      OSS is a online service system thru which SAP probides all the patches...

      If there is any corrections or enhancements then SAP releases OSS notes..

      U can access that thru service.sap.com.. U need to know the OSS id n passwrod for accessing that.

      You can download particular note for the requiement and apply it to ur system thru transaction SNOTE.

      before applying note thru SNOTE u hav to go thru that particular note n hav to do all the manula changes mentioned there.. then only apply note..

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    OSS are online sap support notes. These notes are available online for solving critical problems in sap system.We may use the already existing notes or may add our own quaries.


    In order to apply any OSS note, you have to be authorized by your company and be assigned an OSS ID and password.


    For any SAP standard program modification, you are required to login to OSS and request for a repair program Access key.


    Access the SAP Support Portal:




    - Keys and Requests


    -- Request license key


    --- Follow the Steps 1 to 5 of the License keys for SAP Business Suite





    Follow this step to obtain the Program Access key:


    Menu Path: System -> Services -> SAP Service (Transaction code OSS1)


    Login in with your OSS ID and Password


    Click the Registration button


    Click Register Object


    Double click R/3 Value Contract


    Fill in the Object Registration for Installation:


    For e.g.

    PGMID/Object/Name: R3TR FUGR MIGO

    SAP release: 46C


    Finished, click the Register button


    Select the Key number and use the Copy and Paste short key to copy the Access key


    You are now able to modify the SAP standard program.


    Finished the modification, do remember to transport it to the production system after all the necessary testing.

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    Prashant Patil
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    SAP Note is the new term for OSS. If standard SAP program

    has any bug or error, SAP will provide small correction

    instructions patch/note for customers to implement the

    changes. You can user transaction SNOTE for downloading and

    implementing note.





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    OSS notes are the notes which are provided by SAP officially. If they found some bug or if they want to give some more information regarding the products they issue an OSS note.


    You must need a SAP Martket place id to access the OSS notes.


    When a new business scanerio comes up due to the legal requiement which SAP currently does not handle, it will issue an OSS notes.


    If OSS notes contains the code correction, you can use th SNOTE to upload the OSS note to respective objects.




    to FIND


    Goto transaction SNOTE.

    Now select the menu option Goto->Note Browser.

    Now give the OSS note number and execute.

    If it is implemented in the system, it will give you the details.

    Otherwise, it will inform "Unable to find SAP Note that meets specific criteria".






    The Note Assistant (transaction SNOTE) helps you to implement SAP OSS notes. Although it

    is not perfect it does generally make the application of OSS notes a much easier process. Note

    assistant is at its best when all that is required is a simple code deletion/insertion into an existing

    ABAP object. If the object does not exists then you will be required to do the creation bit manually,

    note assistant will then be able to insert the ABAP code.

    Another benefit of SAP note assistant is that it automatically prompts you to implement any

    prerequisite notes that apply.

    Note assistants biggest problem comes when updates have been provided by SAP but not for

    general release (i.e. a specific fix for your company) or you have modified standard SAP code. If

    note assistant tries to update an object which has been changed using this method then it

    may have trouble inserting the code in the correct place.


    go through this link





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    praveen parasiya
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    It is Online Service System ...


    With every Release SAP NOtes are released to correct the issues found with the

    Release .


    To access OSS you should have a OSS Notes ID and Password.

    You can directly download NOtes from SAP Market PLace and Implement then them in your System via Tcode SNOTE .


    After implementation the respective corrections will be reflected in the code .


    Hope it helps to some extent .




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