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Implicit enhancement and Explicit enhancement

Ashok kumar
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Hi Gurus ,

Can anyone please let  me know about what is  <b>implicit enhancement and explicit enhancement</b>.Steps involved in the same .



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    Venkata Anjaneya Karthick Kolisetty
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    Implicit enhancement points are basically points within ABAP code where an enhancement point is implied, and in which case can be created. Examples of implicit enhancement points are at the beginning and end of FORM’s, at the end of a program, include or function module etc. Below is a step by step demonstration of how to create and implicit enhancement point.


    Explicit enhancement points are basically hooks already coded into the program by SAP at various points of the code. See program RIAUFMVK for examples of these! These are very easy to implement simply go into enhancement mode of SE80 and right click on the enhancement point where you want to add your code and choose ‘Enhancement Implementation->Create’ Give it a name, description and assign it to a change request (should not be a Z package) and then simply add the code as normal.


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    Abhishek Sarkar
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    <b>Implecit enhancement :</b> These are provided in specific areas of standard source code:


    1. At the end of the programs ( reports, includes, function pools, module pools)

    2. At the begin and end of subroutine forms.

    3. At the end of the functional module

    4. At the end of all visabilities areas


    In this case you do not need to create and enhancment spot. You directly put your curosr on the enhancement option and create your inplementations by right click.



    <b>Explicit enhancement :</b> It can be anywhere in your source code. You need to explicitly have a enhancement point.It is of two types:

    1. Enhancement spot : It is the point where you can add your code. It can have multiple implementations. All the implementations can active at a time but the sequince of executions of the implementations can be anything.


    2. enhancement section : If you want to execute your own code instead of some portion standard code. Only the active implementation is execute. Only one implementation is active at a time.

    2. Enhancement section