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short dump

Sricharan Pottula
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hi gurus,

can  u tell me in detail about short dump error




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    Anji Reddy Vangala
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    When there is some error in the code of the program, it gives short dump

    goto ST22 code and enter date and analyse the short dumps related to you

    to can see in depth what caused the error and accordingly you have to correct it.




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    Harini Somaysula
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    In SAP short dump means 'Process Termination', this can occure in any of the processes you execute and had got some or the other bug ( in interms of app. code) then it would occur, for ex. if you write an abap program and in your code

    to try to assign a char to integer like that..


    In sap at various level this short dumps occurs, it could be case of any thing

    means as a part of application dev., process execution, connectivity, database

    access, long time code execution..source systems connectivity..and so on..


    what idealy you should learn from the short dump is, read the short dump short

    text and long text carefully, and try to understand why, what, where it happened

    read the explanation and also the suggestions to resolve..

    remember that, it is not always right to bluntly follow the instructions in the short dump, put your sense of idea and make out the prob. and resolve.


    A short dump is similar to what is called an ABEND in other systems - this means Abnormal End - where the program was not able to continue because of some deviation in the way things are supposed to be.


    It depends on the Reason For Error ..why the Short Dump Occured.


    Example : Dump: ABAP/4 processor: ASSIGN_TYPE_CONFLICT


    Error You attempted to assign a field to a typed field symbol,

    but the field does not have the required type.

    This might have occured during loading.




    Datatarget was changed and transformation was not activated after.

    Reactivating transformation solves it.


    Short dump is basically an exception generated by the system when system tried to process a command .

    If a situation comes which should not really occur , then the system terminate the current appliaction by giving a exception message or short dump. ST22 is a tcode to analyse the short dumps or viewing short dump and in 90% cases it gets resolved by carefully reading it .


    Due inactive of Data Targets, Update rules or Transformations the Runtime Error.

    Just you activate the entire data flow.

    Once you check the Fileds in Cube level and as well in Data Structure.Due to that reason also you can get Dump.

    Check your dump in ST22.you can get some solution.


    Different short dumps are there due to several reasons, some samples

    1. DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERRO- Error in tables, basis team should solve this.






    When attempting to import data, it was discovered that the data

    type of the stored data was not the same as that specified in the




    These are common dumps we have to analyze our current situation for reason.


    Reason: Program or Load exceeds the timelimit.



    Reason: This may occur when opening a remote FM.



    Reason: Invalid access to a string (offset too large).



    Reason: Some syntax error in program.


    in Transaction ST22, you can find all the shortdumps occured in your system and there you analyse reason and solution for all the dumps


    Common Errors:

    Few of them are here:

    1) RFC connection lost.

    A) We can check out in the SM59 t-code

    RFC Des

    + R/3 conn

    CRD client (our r/3 client)

    double click..test connection in menu


    2) Invalid characters while loading.

    A) Change them in the PSA & load them.


    3) ALEREMOTE user is locked.

    A) Ask your Basis team to release the user. It is mostly ALEREMOTE.

    2) Password Changed

    3) Number of incorrect attempts to login into ALEREMOTE.

    4) USE SM12 t-code to find out are there any locks.


    4) Lower case letters not allowed.

    A) Uncheck the lower case letters check box under "general" tab in the info object.


    5) While loading the data i am getting messeage that 'Record

    the field mentioned in the errror message is not mapped to any infoboject in the transfer rule.


    6) object locked.

    A) It might be locked by some other process or a user. Also check for authorizations


    7) "Non-updated Idocs found in Source System".

    8) While loading master data, one of the datapackage has a red light error message:

    Master data/text of characteristic ZCUSTSAL already deleted .


    9) extraction job aborted in r3

    A) It might have got cancelled due to running for more than the expected time, or may be cancelled by R/3 users if it is hampering the performance.


    10) request couldnt be activated because there is another request in the psa with a smaller sid


    11) repeat of last delta not possible

    12) datasource not replicated

    A) Replicate the datasource from R/3 through source system in the AWB & assign it to the infosource and activate it again.

    13) datasource/transfer structure not active.

    A) Use the function module RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL to activate it

    14) ODS activation error.

    A) ODS activation errors can occur mainly due to following reasons-

    1.Invalid characters (# like characters)

    2.Invalid data values for units/currencies etc

    3.Invalid values for data types of char & key figures.

    4.Error in generating SID values for some data.


    Reward if helpful.