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NSP - Sneak Preview SAPGUI Connection Errors

Gnana Kandasamii
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Got the SAPNW7.0 ABAP Trial installed on my PC.SAPGUI version is 710.All the configurations as per the instuctions are done but when i try to Connect to the NSP instance i get a GUI error


partner '' not reached





Following are the stuff i checked out after that...


1.Microsoft Loopback adapter installed as per instructions after GUI Error(after installation of NW, is it a problem?)


2.The SAP gui settings have been tried with localhost,hostname , ipaddress all various combinations


3. The etc/hosts file has the following entries as well localhost surya-w68na

surya-w68na being my hostname, this is the loopback address


4.Services File is fine with following entries...

sapdbni72 7269/tcp

sapdp00  3200/tcp

sapmsNSP 3600/tcp


5.Sytem startup through SAPMMC is clean.msg server is green and following entries in dev_ms


[Thr 3208] MsGetOwnIpAddr: my host addresses are :

[Thr 3208]   1 : [] surya-w68na (HOSTNAME)

[Thr 3208]   2 : [] localhost (LOCALHOST)

[Thr 3208]   3 : [xx.xx.xx.xx] surya-w68na (NILIST)

[Thr 3208] MsHttpInit: full qualified hostname = surya-w68na

[Thr 3208] HTTP logging is switch off

[Thr 3208] set HTTP state to LISTEN

[Thr 3208] ms/icf_info_server : deleted

[Thr 3208] *** I listen to port sapmsNSP (3600) ***

[Thr 3208] *** I listen to internal port 3900 (3900) ***

[Thr 3208] *** HTTP port 8100 state LISTEN ***


6.DB is up checked it through DB Manager tool


One thing puzzling is i dont see the disp+work  in SAPMMC process list , not even in disconnected or error state (only msg_server is up) and there is no dev* trc file for the dispatcher in work directory...


do i need to add an entry somewhere so that dispatcher is also started..??


Many people have had this issue and i have checked quite a few threads before starting this one,Any suggetions or solutions  are very much appreciated....am struggling with this for quite sometime now...




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    try to ping your ip from command prompt





    And make sure your firewall is switched off


    surya-w68na (hostname)  As per my understanding your hosname should be before any special character. Have you installed NSP properly. As you said


    One thing puzzling is i dont see the disp+work in SAPMMC process list


    so it seems that your NSp has not installed properly