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Dunning notices not printed

Michelle Johnson
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Hello Gurus,


I've been trying to run transaction F150. before running this i manually cleared all the dunning data in the vendor master except for the dunning procedure, configured in FBMP.


I run this and get the following message. 


"Credit memo 15XXXXXXXXXX/2008/001 has new dunning level 0 . Without invoice reference

>Minimum charges and dunning interest             Phase III

>Generate dunning data                           Phase IV

Step 002 started (program SAPF150D2, variant &0000000000013, user ID MJOHNSON)

>                 Start print phase

             0 dunning notices were read

             0 dunning notices have been printed

End dunning printout 12/14/07 / DUNN1

Job finished



my credit memo was created about 10 days back - with pay immediately payment term

General data entered in the dunning procedure is as follows:


Dunning Interval in Days: 1

No. of Dunning levels: 4

Total Due items from dunning level: 0

Min. days in arrears(acct): 1

Line item grace period: 0

Interest indicator: 01


standard transaction dunnnig: checked

Dun Special g/l transactions: checked


dunnign level: 4

for dunning level 1:


Days in arrear: 1

Calculate interest? : Uncheckd

Always dun?: Checked

Print all items: Checked

Payment deadline: 0



Please help me out in resolving this, i need to print out a few sample of dunning letter(standard dunning notices)


waiting for responses. ..


  • Re: Dunning notices not printed
    Paulo Evaristo
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    Dear Michelle,


    As of SAP Note 843058, the handling of vendor credit memos without invoice reference was changed because (according to the documentation) the system response for credit memos in the invoice reference doesn´t depend on whether the credit memo is a vendor credit memo or a customer credit memo.


    Since the enhancements of SAP Note 843058, a vendor credit memo is only set to the dunning level according to the arrears grid if it is valued (value 'V' in the BSEG-REBZG invoice reference field).

    Vendor credit memos without an entry in the invoice reference field receive the dunning level of the dunning notice, in other words,  the highest dunning level of the items.

    If no other items are dunned, the credit memos receive dunning level zero and it is not dunned.


    You also want vendor credit memos to be dunned according to the arrears grid.


    There are three options described in SAP Note 957556 to dun vendor credit memos, anymore. Please take a look at the description in area "Solution" of SAP Note 957556.


    Depending on SAP Note 843058 there is an additional enhancement concerning dunning of vendors in SAP Note 954873.

    Since the enhancements of SAP Note 843058 for dunning levels for vendor invoices, the field for the days in arrears for vendor invoices is omitted, and this should not be the case.

    SAP Note 954873 offers a correction to this situation.



    Paulo Evaristo