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t-codes for warehouse management

Ramachandra D
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can anybody gives the list of t-codes mostly used in warehouse mangement

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    krishnaswamy kumaraswamy
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    LS01                      Create Warehouse Master Record                                

    LS01N                      Create Warehouse Master Record                                

    LS02                      Change Warehouse Master Record                                

    LS02N                      Change Warehouse Master Record                                

    LS03                      Display Warehouse Master Record                                

    LS03N                      Display Warehouse Master Record                                

    LS04                      Display Empty Storage Bins                                

    LS05                      Generate Storage Bins                                

    LS06                      Block Storage Bins                                

    LS07                      Block Quants                                

    LS08                      Block Storage Bins by Aisle                                

    LS09                      Display Material Data for Stor.Type                                

    LS10                      Generate Storage Bins                                

    LS11                      Change several stor.bins simultan.                                

    LS12                      Block stor.type                                

    LS22                      Change Quants                                

    LS23                      Display Quants                                

    LS24                      Display Quants for Material                                

    LS25                      Display Quants per Storage Bin                                

    LS26                      Warehouse stocks per material                                

    LS27                      Display quants for storage unit                                

    LS28                      Display storage units / bin                                

    LS32                      Change storage unit                                

    LS33                      Display storage unit                                

    LS41                      List of control cycles for WIP loc.                                

    LS51                      Create Batch Search Strategy - WM                                

    LS52                      Change Batch Search Strategie - WM                                

    LS53                      Display Batch Search Strategy - WM                                

    LSMW                      Legacy System Migration Workbench                                

    LSO_TP                      LS: Participation Document                                

    LT01                      Create Transfer Order                                

    LT02                      Create TO for Inventory Difference                                

    LT03                      Create TO from Delivery Note                                

    LT04                      Create TO from TR                                

    LT05                      Process Posting Change Notice                                

    LT06                      Create TO for Material Document                                

    LT07                      Create TO for mixed storage unit                                

    LT08                      Manual addition to storage unit                                

    LT09                      ID point function for storage units                                

    LT0A                      Pre-plan storage units                                

    LT0B                      Putaway of Handling Units                                

    LT0C                      Picking of Shipping Units                                

    LT0D                      Stock Transfer of Shipping Units                                

    LT0E                      Create Removal TO for 2-Step Picking                                

    LT0F                      Create TO for Inbound Delivery                                

    LT0G                      Return delivery to stock                                

    LT0H                      Placement of existing HUs                                

    LT0I                      Removal of existing Handling units                                

    LT0J                      Put Away Handling Unit                                

    LT0R                      Request replenishment manually                                

    LT10                      Create Transfer Order from List                                

    LT11                      Confirm Transfer Order Item                                

    LT12                      Confirm transfer order                                

    LT13                      Confirm TO for storage unit                                

    LT14                      Confirm preplanned TO item                                

    LT15                      Cancelling transfer order                                

    LT16                      Cancelling TO for storage unit                                

    LT17                      Single Entry of Actual Data                                

    LT1A                      Change Transfer Order                                

    LT1B                      Confirm TO-Item Pick                                

    LT1C                      Confirm TO-Item Transport                                

    LT1D                      Confirm Transfer Order Pick                                

    LT1E                      Confirm Transfer Order Transport                                

    LT1F                      Confirm TO for SU Pick                                

    LT1G                      Confirm TO for SU Transport                                

    LT21                      Display Transfer Order                                

    LT22                      Display Transfer Order / Stor. Type                                

    LT23                      Display Transfer Orders by Numbers                                

    LT24                      Display Transfer Order / Material                                

    LT25                      Display Transfer Order / Group                                

    LT25A                      Display Transfer Order / Group                                

    LT25N                      Confirm Transfer ORder / Group                                

    LT26                      Transfer orders for storage bin

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    Frenchy .
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    look in SPRO > LE > WM > activities > Define Transaction parameters


    I think your question has been answered and I am on a mission to reduce the number of pages we have to access to see all of the issues and se if we can help

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    Frenchy .
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    I think that you have had the answer to your question. I am trying to get people to keep the forum tidy. If you have what you require could you award you points if you want to and mark your question as answered.

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    Prasanth Vijayan
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    In addition to the above, there are a couple of more t-codes,


    LT27   RLLT2700       Transfer order for storage unit

    LT28   RLLT2800       Display Transfer Order / Reference

    LT31   SAPML03T       Print TO Manually

    LT32   SAPML03T       Print transfer order for stor.unit

    LT41   SAPML05S       Prepare TRs for Multiple Processing

    LT42   SAPML05S       Create TOs by Multiple Processing

    LT43   SAPML05S       Forming groups for deliveries

    LT44   SAPML05S       Release for Multiple Processing

    LT45   RLSAMM10       Evaluation of reference numbers

    LT63   RLLT6300       Control: Single Entry of Actual Dat

    LT64   RLLT6400       Single Entry of Actual Data

    LT72   SAPLL2PIK      Determine 2-step relevance

    LT73   SAPLL2PIK      Display 2-step

    LX01   RLS10010       List of Empty Storage Bins

    LX02   RLS10020       Stock list

    LX03   RLS10030       Bin Status Report

    LX04   RLS10040       Capacity load utilization

    LX05   RLS10050       Block Bins in Bl.Storage w.Time Lim

    LX06   RLS10060       Fire Department Inventory List

    LX07   RLS10070       Check storage

    LX08   RLS10080       Accident Regulations List

    LX09   RLB10010       Overview of All Transf.Requirements

    LX10   RLT10010       Activities per Storage Type

    LX11   RLT10020       Document overview

    LX12   RLT10030       Document Overview: Landscape Format

    LX13   RLT10040       Analysis of differences

    LX14   RLT10050       Matl mvmt frequency

    LX15   RLINV010       Selection of Bins for Annual Invent

    LX16   RLINV015       Selection of Bins for Continuous In

    LX17   RLINV020       List of Inventory Differences

    LX18   RLINV030       Statistics of Inventory Differences

    LX19   RLBEST00       Inventory Data Takeover by Btch Inp

    LX20   RLVST333       Generate interim storage bins

    LX21   RLKOMM40       Pick List for Several Transfer Ord.

    LX22   RLI30010       Process Inventory from Overview

    LX23   RLABGL00       Stock comparison IM - WM

    LX24   RLS10240       Display of hazardous mat.numbers

    LX25   RLINV040       Inventory Status

    LX26   RLINV050       Inventory in WM via cycle counting

    LX27   RLS30010       Stock levels by shelf life exp.date

    LX28   RLSUB000       Relevant TO item for ext.system

    LX29   RLS10090       Fixed bin supervision

    LX30   RLSUB010       Overview of WM messages ext.system

    LX31   RLVSDR20       Analysis of print control tables

    LX32   RLRT0001       Archived transfer orders

    LX33   RLRB0001       Archived transfer requirements

    LX34   RLRU0001       Archived posting change notices

    LX35   RLRI0001       Archived system inventory records

    LX36   RLRH0001       Archived inventory histories

    LX37   RLSUB020       Linked objects

    LX38   RLOLML02       Check Report Customizing Strategy K

    LX39   RL2STK00       Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.Pc

    LX40   RLWMPPC1       Material Situation Prod. Storage Bi

    LX41   RLWMPPC3       Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface

    LX42   RLWMPPC4       Evaluation PP Order from WM View

    LX43   RLWMPPC5       Consistency Check for Control Cycle

    LX44   RLL10010       Inward and outward movements

    LX45   RLVERIFY       Verification Field in Storage Bin

    LX46   RLT1HR00       Transmission WM perform. data to HR

    LX47   RLLX4700       Analysis of Delayed Delivery Update