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Download File from BSP to presentation server.

Ankit Gupta
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Hi all,


We have a requirement to Download and Upload a file in Standard BSP application HRECM_BDG_MAINT.


Flow of the logic is : 

1.  On click on Download button.  A Save file dialog should come and then user will select the path for saving the file.  Then the internal table sholud be save in excel on the presentation server.


2.  User will modify the excel file.

3   on click of upload button again the open dialog should come and then user will select the excel file from the presentation server and then file will be uploaded into the BSP application.


Note : We are very much clear with the functionality.  Over main concern is to get the file dialog popup on the BSP application.


Changes in the layout (Download & Upload Button) has been created.


Actually HRECM_BDG_MAINT call another BSP application HR_ECM_BDG_SRV02.


Controller class of of page budget_details.bsp (HR_ECM_BDG_SRV02) is CL_HRECM00_BSP_BDG_DETAILS.


All the button displayed in this BSP page are created at runtime in class (CL_HRECM00_BSP_BDG_DETAILS) in method DO_REQUEST.  We have used enhancement spot and added two more buttons (Download and Upload).


Now our main problem is to get file dialog popup on the BSP screen when we click on that button.


Kindly help


Ankit Gupta

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    Niky Vaigankar
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    Hello Ankit,


    I have a similar requirement in which i need to create an excel file from an internal table and then mail the file.

    To do so I have report program which is called from a method of the bsp apllication.This report creates an excel using OLE.

    But am not able to proceed futher as i have used Cl_GUI* method.


    If you are able to get a solutin to your problem kindly post it on this thread.




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      Pedro Avila
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      I have a BSP that shows all the client data and generate a file when a boton is push.


      What I need to know is; how can i made that the system generate a file for each client without having the internet explorer pup-up for download each time, furthermore, I want that these files to be located at the local unit C:\.


      The code i have is as follow:


      DATA: fichero TYPE string.


        CONCATENATE 'F' vnomfich '.xls' INTO vnomfich.

      • some Browsers have caching problems when loading Excel format


        response->delete_header_field( name = if_http_header_fields=>cache_control ).

        response->delete_header_field( name = if_http_header_fields=>expires ).

        response->delete_header_field( name = if_http_header_fields=>pragma ).


      • start Excel viewer either in the Browser or as a separate window

        response->set_header_field( name  = if_http_header_fields=>content_type

                                    value = 'application/vnd.ms-excel' ).



        CONCATENATE ' attachment; filename= ' vnomfich INTO fichero.


        response->set_header_field( name  = 'Content-Disposition'

                                    value = fichero ).


      • finally display Excel format in Browser

        response->set_cdata( data = l_output ).


      • do not process Layout, response has been rendered

        navigation->response_complete( ).