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Excise number Range Maintenance

Sapsd sapsd
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How to maintain Excise number Range and in which object we have to maintain number range for domestic /export etc

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    Ashish Bohara
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    T-code: SNUM


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    Ashish Jain

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    rahul racehorse
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    go to t code SNUM


    n assign the number for the following objects

    i think u know about excise groups and series groups

    maintain the relevant number ranges



    Number Ranges

    You can maintain the number ranges for all CIN Number range objects using this transaction




    Please maintain the number ranges for the folllowing objects  The no nr has to be '01' for all


    1. j_1iintnum


    At an Excise group


    1. j_1irg23a1


    2. j_1irg23a2


    3. j_1iRG1


    4. j_1irg23c1


    5. j_1irg23c2


    6. j_1ipla2


    7. j_1iintpr2


    8. j_1irg23d


    9. j_1irg1_t  ( material level)


    10. j_1iconpla ( if Consolidated PLA is used )


    At Series group


    1. j_1iexcloc


    2. j_1iexcexp


    3. j_1idepinv


    4. j_1i57Fc ( 57F Challans )




    plz reward the points if u got the right answer

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    G Lakshmipathi
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    Hi rohith


    Go to SNRO (or) SNUM and select any of the below objects required by you and select NUMBER RANGE on top. It will ask for "Series Group". Give the respective plant's series group and click "Change intervals".


    Now give some value in the field "No" followed by year and number range and save.


    J_1IARE1         ARE1 Doc No object based on Series Group

    J_1IARE3         ARE3 Doc No object based on Series Group

    J_1IBOND        Excise Bonding: Bond number object

    J_1ICERT         Withholding Tax Certificates (India)

    J_1ICHLNNO     Internal number range for challans

    J_1ICONPLA     Consolidated PLA serial no. generation

    J_1IDEPINV      Excise Invoice Number for Depot Invoices

    J_1IEXCEXP     Export excise invoice number range

    J_1IEXCINV      Excise invoice number

    J_1IEXCLOC     Local excise invoice numebr range

    J_1IEXCTST      Excise invoice with intervals

    J_1IEXINEX       Excise invoice number for export

    J_1IINTNUM      Internally document number to be generated

    J_1IINTPR2       Despatch serial number

    J_1ILIC             Excise Bonding: License number object

    J_1IPLA2          PLA part II number range object

    J_1IRG1           RG1 Number range object

    J_1IRG1_T        No. Range for RG1 - Excise group / Material

    J_1IRG23A1      RG23A part 1 no. range object

    J_1IRG23A2      RG23A part II number range object

    J_1IRG23C1      RG23C part I number range object

    J_1IRG23C2      RG23C part II number range object

    J_1IRG23D        Folio Numbers for RG 23D



    G. Lakshmipathi