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FI - PP Integration

ganesh jk
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Dear All,


I am interested in understanding the FI PP or CO PP integration part of the busiess with corresponding accounting entries.


If any of you have documentation / material / web link - please share with me.


Thanks n regards,


Ganesh JK

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    raj m
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    FI-PP integration takes place mainly at these stages-


    1) When you create and release the production order, the planned costs will be calliculated from BOM and Routing/Master Recipe master data.-Co document will be generated for Planned postings


    2) When you issue goods(Raw materials) to production (against Production order) the FI and CO entries will get generated -CO27

    FI Entry- Consumption A/C Dr

                       To Inventory A/C Cr

    CO primary cost postings will be triggered against the cost center.


    3) When operations in routings are confirmed , the cost centers in the work centers will be charged with the activity costs

    Here secondary cost postings will be triggered in the production cost centers.


    4) After final confirmation of the operations, the GRN will takes place against the production order, here also CO and FI documents will be generated -CO11


    Finished Goods A/C Dr

      To cost of goods produced A/C


    5) If the production order is not confirmed fully, we have to run WIP at the month end-KKAO

    FI entry- WIP A/C Dr

                   To Change in WIP A/ c Cr

    The above entry will be reversed at the time of settlement of production order.


    6) When the PO is technically completed, then settlement of PO takes place-K088

    FI entry-

    Price Difference(Goods) A/C

       To cost of goods produced A/C