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There are conflicts between OCS Packages and Add-ons  SAPKB70014 Solution 4

José Pamplona da Silva Neto
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I am with the following problem applying Suport Package SAPKB70014

returns the error:

Conflicts Between Add-On ST 400 and Support Packages                                                                               

Software Component   Release      Support Package        Information on    

                                                          Conflict Resolution

                                                                                SAP_BASIS            700          SAPKB70014             Include CRT       


But already applied the last ST 400

ST     400     0014     SAPKITL424     SAP Solution Manager Tool     Component Supp.






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    Rajesh Kale
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    Hi Jose,


    Check the dependencies of SAPKB70014 or define queue & try to import queue.




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    Wolfgang Steinert
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    Jose - the CRT you are referring to is for the module BBPCRM.


    I take it you are trying to import the SAP BASIS SP into Solution Manager. The last available CRT for ST 400 and SAP BASIS SP is for SAPKB0013 and is the CRT SAPKITL423. The new one which you require doesn't seem to be available.


    You should find it under Support Packages and Patches > SAP Technology Components > SAP SOLUTION MANAGER > SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 4.0 > Entry by Component > SAP Solution Manager > ST 400


    I've already raised this with SAP and hopefully they will post the new CRT a.s.a.p.



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    jjj mmm
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    I have solved this issue in those days, there are no need to download the CRT actually.

    You only need to upgrade the ST-SER.



    Please see the detail explainnation on SAP notes: 662441



    ST 400 SP15 (SAPKITL425)

    With SP15 (SAPKITL425) SAP strictly recommends to upgrade your ST-SER to the release 700_2007_1 or higher. Therefore use transaction SAINT instead of transaction SPAM to patch your system to SAP Solution Manager 4.0 SP15 (SAPKITL425). If you try to patch your system via SPAM and your ST-SER release is 700_2006_1 or less you will receive one of the following information within SPAM during phase ADDON_CONFLICTS_?:

                        a) Conflicts Between Add-On ST-SER 700_2005_2 and Support Packages SAPKITL425 Include CRT


                        b) Conflicts Between Add-On ST-SER 700_2006_1 and Support Packages SAPKITL425 Include CRT


                        c) Conflicts Between Add-On ST-SER 700_2006_2 and Support Packages SAPKITL425 Include CRT


                        Please be aware there is no physical Conflict Resolution Transport (CRT) available to solve this conflict (it is not planned to provide such a CRT). You have to patch your system via SAINT not via SPAM:


                        1. Delete your SPAM-QUEUE by pressing the Display/Define button within SPAM.


                        2. Download all ST-SER Delta-Upgrade packages from the Software Download Center into your EPS-Inbox.


                        3. Call transaction SAINT and press Start button.


                        4. Select ST-SER 700_2007_1 or higher and press Continue button


                        All neccessary component packages will automatically be included into a valid SAINT-queue



    I think this note should be effect on you case. (It mentioned BASIS SP.)