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How to configure SFTP Adapter in XI?

Venkat Alikatte
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Hi All,



How to configure SFTP adapter in XI?, It would be great if anyone sends a step-by-step documentation on the same.



Thanks in advance

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    Swarup Sawant
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    Please go through below links for details

    Secure FTP (SSH) with the FTP Adapter

    Secured File Transfer using SAP XI

    Secure FTP in SAP XI


    SEEBURGER AG (www.seeburger.de) offers an SFTP/SCP adapter for SAP XI.

    This adapter is fully integrated in the SAP XI adapter framework.


    1. As far as I know XI file adapter does not support Secured File Transfer


    2. In one of our projects we used Java proxies for handling files with SFTP from XI:


    you can generate java proxy

    then use a free or purchase (like Secure Ftp Factory http://www.scriptsearch.com/cgi-bin/jump.cgi?ID=9684 ) libraries to achive SFTP connections


    3. the second option is the easiest & fastest one but you can also build an SFTP adapter youself





    While the File/FTP adapter does not support secure FTP, there are a couple of options for protecting FTP communications.


    1. Develop a custom FTPS adapter. There are some good commercially-available Java libraries that implement FTPS; I've found the Secure FTP Bean from Glub Tech (www.glub.com) to be reliable and compatible with many common FTPS servers. It's called a bean, but it really is just a basic Java API library. (It's shareware -- free to download for prototyping, $500 for internal use.)


    You do need to understand the various options in the FTPS specification to get this to work. Reading IETF RFC 2228 will help.


    2. Use the FTP adapter, and encrypt/decrypt the file contents through a user exit in the adapter. Something on the FTP server side will have to do the same.

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    Phani Kumar Malakapalli
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    About SFTP .

    1) SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)


    "SSH File Transfer Protocol" or SFTP is a network protocol that provides file transfer and manipulation functionality over any reliable data stream. It is typically used with the SSH-2 protocol to provide secure file transfer. SFTP encrypts the session, preventing the casual detection of username, password or anything that is being transmitted. One key benefit to SFTP is its ability to handle multiple secure file transfers over a single encrypted pipe. By using a single encrypted pipe, there are fewer holes in the corporate firewall.




    As per the latest SAP PI/XI support pack, it does not support SFTP via File Adapter.

    So alternative approach to cater this requirement from XI is to make use of Unix Script at OS level to transfer the files from/to third-party systems.


    Inbound Interface - i.e. third-party system ->XI->SAP: 

    File is transferred to a folder in SAP XI landscape from the third-party legacy system using UNIX Script with secured protocol. Once the file is ready in the XI landscape, File Adapter will poll this directory and file is picked up by NFS protocol.


    Outbound Interface – i.e. SAP->XI->third-party system: 

    XI is responsible for writing a file into a folder in the XI landscape. These files are transferred to the third-party system by executing UNIX scripts with secured protocol i.e. via sFTP.




    Public key should be exchanged between external systems and the PI system.

    UNIX shell script has to be developed and scheduled.



    Highly Secured.

    Ability to handle multiple secure file transfers over a single encrypted pipe .By using a single encrypted pipe, there are fewer holes in the corporate firewall.



    Two-Step process i.e. XI>Temporary folder>External System and vice-versa

    Files have to be temporarily stored in XI server.

    Multiple failure points i.e. XI and Unix script execution

    Maintenance of an external UNIX script.

    Difficulty in monitoring the execution of the shell script as it cannot be monitored thru XI.

    Need to generate keys and install it in the SFTP site as a pre-requisite i.e. SFTP clients must install keys on the server.

    SFTP uses keys rather than certificates. This means that it can't take advantage of the "chains of trust" paradigm facilitated through Certificate Authorities.

    Files from the XI server should be deleted/archived in a periodic manner to increase the disc space so that it will increase the performance.

    Note: UNIX shell Script can be executed as a background job ‘or' can be triggered from SAP XI through OS command at File adapter level.


    Check the links.


    Secure FTP (SSH) with the FTP Adapter

    Secured File Transfer using SAP XI

    Secure FTP in SAP XI






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    Chirag Gohil
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    Just go through the below threads which has the same discussion.

    SFTP (FTP over SSH) in XI


    Secure FTP (SSH) with the FTP Adapter

    encryption adapters or how to secure data


    I think as michal has suggested u can go for java libraries which does the same functionality.


    Seeburger has the standard SFTP adapter if u hav the seeburger license then u do not need to require to create ur SFTP adapter.