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Early watch report

anuroop 1234
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Hi friends,


How to schedule  early watch report in BW . Is this early watch report schduled as a  background job. What exactly is the use of this early watch.

Please give me a overview of this earlywatch report, how to use in bw  etc.


Thanks friends, I will definetely award points.



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    Suri Raju
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    Early watch report tells abt the analysis of the BW system i.e performance isuues,applying new kernel,table spaces issues,new patches to be applied and related stuff of BW server.


    If you have any problem you have to fill in this report.this report is generated from SAP.




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    Yash Vardhan
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    Hello Anuroop,


    The SAP EarlyWatch Alert is a fully automated, complimentary service

    which regularly and quickly checks the performance and the important

    administrative areas of your SAP System and notifies you of any

    weaknesses. It acts as a continual monitoring tool for your SAP System

    and as an important basis for other remote SAP services.


    With the EarlyWatch Alert service, performance and monitoring data is processed at regular intervals (for example, weekly) and several checks are performed automatically. The EarlyWatch Alert reports provide you with a detailed trend analysis of important performance indicators for your system. You can view the results online.


    Note: This service is free of charge and runs in the same environment as the EarlyWatch service provided by SAP.



    Overview of the EWA report:


    The report will consist of several sections:


    Performance Indicators:


    Query Performance

    DB size etc.


    System configuration:

    Support Packages

    Kernel Patch Levels


    Performance Overview:

    System Response Time


    Workload Distribution:

    by application module

    DB Load profile


    Update Errors

    ABAP Dumps


    Security Checks:


    HW capacity


    Database Parameters


    Database Administration

    Backup frequency


    BI Checks:

    Largest ODS, InfoCubes etc

    InfoCube design of dimensions

    Analysis of Aggregates

    BW statistics

    BI Workload

    BI Reporting

    Frontend distribution

    Web Queries

    Analysis of OLAP cache

    Process chain runtimes

    Change run analysis




    For activating this service please refer to

    SAP Note Number: 207223 - Activating SAP EarlyWatch Alert


    However, it is very easy to activate this service, therefore, I will mention it here.


    TCODE: SDCC -> Session -> Create -> Dynamic Session -> EWA 3. TCODE: SDCCN -> Task -> Create -> Request session data -> Periodic -> Earlywatch Alert -> Continue


    Please refer to above mentioned SAP Note Number for details.




    The recommended frequency of this EWA report is one week.

    Once this service is activated on the SAP system, a weekly job (depending upon the frequency) will run and will send the data to SAP. You can see the scheduled job in the transaction SDCC or SDCCN whichever is activated in the system.


    A report for this will be available in customer's inbox in SAP Service Marketplace.


    http//service.sap.com/inbox  in the "service message" section.


    You can download your EWA report from there.




    I hope, I have answered your query.


    Please let me know in case of any doubts.



    Yash Vardhan

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    Chemicala Srimallikarjuna Reddy
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    This is report printed by solution manager. This will give you the details analysis of the status of your systems on database level, BW applications etc. For example if you have designed aggreagates wrongly in the early watch report you will have Red on BW design and also would give you that particular aggregates in details. This report would help u to better optimized your systems.


    From memory you normally get one free earlywatch per yearYou also get a free earlywatch just before you go live on a projectThey are only free if you allow SAP to come in on a WAN line - if you do not allow this then they will charge you for a consultant to come out to you and run the jobs

    They will run a number of std programs - eg the SAP analyze all info cubes program and give recommendations on what to change


    Pls chk this links;


    Early Watch Alerts Problem in Solution Manager



    Hope this helps,


    CSM Reddy