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SAP provides Load testing/Performance testing tool

pallavi D
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Kindly suggest any Load testing tool which is provided by SAP itself.


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cheers, Marilyn

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    SAP as such does not have a tool of its own for Load/Performance testing but it recommends to use LoadRunner. For internal purposes, You can get the license by filling in a license requisition form.

    Let me know if you need the template of the license form.




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    Swapan Saha
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    Hi Pallavi,


    As Madhu rightly mentioned, several SAP teams use Mercury LoadRunner internally for load testing of NetWeaver components and also SAP Active Global Support uses LoadRunner at customer sites.


    If you are a SAP employee, you can get LR license filling up an internal request document. But if you are not a SAP employee, please check with Mercury.  In case you intend to use other tools, please check with the document "How to Load Test EP" which lists the requirements from Load test tools you need to consider.



    Swapan Saha

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      Ajay Chalamala
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      I am a Performance Test Analyst and I am about to handle a SAP project which is new to me. Can you please provide me any documentation which will guide me through the process of SAP Testing.


      I am well versed with LoadRunner Java & C VU Gen scripting. I know there is one VU Gen for SAP, do I require ABAP knowledge for that?


      Please guide me.




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        Vicky Dev
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        Hi Ajay,


        I recently got into SAP Load Testing with LR tool.

        Though i have knowledge of LR, starting from Installation , Configuring on a standalone machine, i do not know how to configure on LAN network.. I have tried to install Diagnostics for Loadrunner seperately but due to limited knowledge in Web servers , i could not go further. If you have started working on LR with SAP, please send me any documentation with some screenshots to start with.. or please mail me any documents to vinni8797@gmail.com,. If you have worked on LR with SAP, can you pls give me a walk through on my machine..



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      Vicky Dev
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      Hi Swapan,


      I would be glad to know if you can give me a step by step screenshot document for a Loadtest on SAP Application ( Any Module).


      Y i am asking you all this,.. well, downloading and installing a loadrunner on a desktop/standallone machine is very simple,.. but when it comes to Network environment where you have Controller installed on one machine and Load Generators on Another machine.. and Diagnostics installed on ( i donno where it will be installed ) user/server machine.. it is really difficult to imagine/assume/picturize the whole scenerio by taking x as example..


      I would be really glad and thankfull if someone can let us know, how to quick start a project..


      I have gone thru the Documentation " How to Perform SAP EP Load Testing.." good enough to understand but it would be more good if someone have articulated with interactive screenshots..


      Ok fine, now my next question is , how do we go with SAP GUI protocol..

      can someone give me an example with some interactive screenshots..


      If someone is working in SAP. then you may please contribute your knowledge by all means.. like https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/webcontent/uuid/ba95531a-0e01-0010-5e9b-891fc040a66c [original link is broken]


      This is a very beautiful video example on SAP Bex reports,.. with video and Voice..

      Recorded by using Camtasia Studio software , which will record you desktop,.. how you do , while you explain in voice..


      Hope someone comes up with a nice video presentation on SAP LOADRUNNER..


      Can you please show me /upload any document with some interactive screenshots on configuring Loadrunner with SAP and testing with SAP Gui protocol ,..on any one module of SAP.. either it be SD, MM, or APO..


      Infact as of now, i am in an urgent need of a sample scenerio of Loadtest by using Mercury Loadrunner ( SAP GUI Protocol) on any SAP Module with some interactive screenshots,...


      I appreciate your quick response..

      Will award maximum points.


      Please help me.. by mailing any document with some sample scenerio's step by step to my mail id: vinni8797@gmail.com.





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    Martin Moser
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    There actually is a free tool SAP recommends, if you do not want to use LoadRunner.  The tools is called OpenSTA.  You can contact Oliver Segnitz on more detail on this solution.






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    Siva Shankar
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    Hi guys,


    Im now to the performance testing field in SAP. It would be of great help if some of you with previous knowledge in SAP Performance testing, guide me on the important features and parameters that needs to be taken care while testing.


    Ur experiences in this field is highly welcome.


    Thankx in advance

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    Sylvia Delcheva
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    Dear Friends,


    SAP recommends for load testing the HP Load Runner tool.

    Load Runner supoorts multiple different protocols : http, RFC, Java, etc. which could be used to simulate load against different SAP products .

    HP Load Runner is not developed by SAP - all the features and functions documentation and 'how to guides' for how to use the load testing tool are delivered and maintained on the HP web pages.


    In the Internet there are available multiple recorded sessions and movies by Load Runner experts, which could be useful to you on concrete topics. (search for "load runner tutorial").


    Best Regards,


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    Alpana Bhoge
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    You can also try Rational performance testing extension for SAP. How to use RPT in SAP environment guidelines are mentioned here :

    Use Rational Performance Tester to perform high-volume SAP tests