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rithwik nani
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hi experts


am basically MM


am doing workflow in my reqmt

i did all MM config and maintained all these

task assinment & activating event link also

Obj type : BUS2105

task :TS20000159

workflow:ws 20000077


now after cretaion of PR rel strategey picking and also

workflow started but with status error


its showing NO error messages are


start event received

sub workflow created

workflow started


errors are


Error when starting work item 000000390150

Message no. SWP085


Error when processing node '0000000004' (ParForEach index 000000)

Message no. SWP088


Error when creating a component of type 'Step'

Message no. SWP087


Error when creating a work item

Message no. SWP044


Agent determination for step '0000000004' failed

Message no. SWF_RUN519


Error in resolution of rule 'AC20000026' for step '0000000004'

Message no. WL423


Object type 'TS' not valid

Message no. WD280


Work item 000000390150: Object FLOWITEM method EXECUTE cannot be executed

Message no. WL821


Error when processing node '0000000004' (ParForEach index 000000)

Message no. SWP088


kindly advice on these



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    Birender Agnihotri
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    Hi Rithwik,


    Can you elaburate your steps for seting up the same. I will be able to let you know where you missed what based on that. Becuase what you have mentioned is not enough for proper functioneing of workflow you need to have These events configured at more detail level.


    Biren Agnihotri

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      rithwik nani
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      hi guys


      Now at my client site we r implementing work flow for PR,PO


      as per img path

      mm->purchasing-> rel proc->with classification

      i did all this


      1.Rel Grp

      2.Rel Code

      3.Rel Ind

      4.Rel Strategy

      5.Work flow


      still i did


      SAP net weaver-> Bus Management->Work Flow->perform task specifg customisation also


      here under this


      agent assigment was done.


      activating event also done


      can u please explain me

      what all additional steps i should take other than MM module configuration steps.

      errors which am getting i alredy posted in previous post