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OOABAP-How to access the protected methos from a class

Mahesh kumard
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How to access the protected methos from a class..There is a built in class..For tht class i have created a object..


Built in class name : CL_GUI_TEXTEDIT

method : LIMIT_TEXT.


How to access this..help me with code

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    Runal Singh
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    If inheritance is used properly, it provides a significantly better structure, as common components only

    need to be stored once centrally (in the superclass) and are then automatically available to subclasses.


    Subclasses also profit immediately from changes (although the changes can also render them invalid!).

    Inheritance provides very strong links between the superclass and the subclass. The subclass must

    possess detailed knowledge of the implementation of the superclass, particularly for redefinition, but also in

    order to use inherited components.


    Even if, technically, the superclass does not know its subclasses, the

    subclass often makes additional requirements of the superclass, for example, because a subclass needs

    certain protected components or because implementation details in the superclass need to be changed in

    the subclass in order to redefine methods.


    The basic reason is that the developer of a (super)class cannot

    normally predict all the requirements that subclasses will later need to make of the superclass.


    Inheritance provides an extension of the visibility concept: there are protected components. The visibility of

    these components lies between that of the public components (visible to all users, all subclasses, and the class itself), and private (visible only to the class itself). Protected components are visible to and can be used by all subclasses and the class itself.


    Subclasses cannot access the private components  particularly attributes) of the superclass. Private

    components are genuinely private. This is particularly important if a (super)class needs to make local

    enhancements to handle errors: it can use private components to do this without knowing or invalidating



    Create your class inse24 and inherit this CL_GUI_TEXTEDIT

    class in yours. You can then access the protected methods.


    Hope this is helpful, <REMOVED BY MODERATOR>


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    chandra sekhar kantimahanti
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    All of the components declared in the protected section are accessible to all methods of the class and of classes that inherit from it. Protected components form a special interface between a class and its subclasses.


    We can access the Protected components by inheriting the class.





    Chandra Sekhar.


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    Rainer Hübenthal
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    If the programmer does not want that a certain method can be accessed he is setting the attribut protected to that method.


    You can only use this method from inside the class.


    There is no way to get access to that but do a modification on that class. Either you change the attribut or if you want to access that method from another metod you can set a friendship between both classes.