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How to use SQVI to join tables

asma shaikh
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Hi gurus,


Can you explain me step by step with example how tcode SQVI used to join 2 tables.


How report will be generated by using these tables with any example.



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    Csaba Szommer
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    Hi Asma,


    1. Give 'name' > create

    2. Give 'title' (description)

    3. Choose 'Table join' > Enter

    4. Insert e.g. table (MKPF then MSEG or a very simple example: MARA-MARC)

    5. Table connection will be offered automatically (if not you can connect the fields: drag the field from one of the table and place it onto the relevant field of other table). You can also use 'Propose joint conditions' button > but generally do not trust SAP...

    You can delete / edit table connections by selecting the black line and clicking with the righ-mouse button.


    If you edit the connection it's very important to decide which kind of joint type to choose.


    In case of MARA-MARC the query won't list the material master records that are not extended to any plants (though the mmr is created at client level (MARA) won't be listed because the materia hasn't got record in table MARC, at plant level - it is not extended)

    Left outer

    Left outer will list mmr even though one of the table (in this case MARC) doesn't contain them.


    6. After having inserted the tables and defined table connections you have to click on 'left' arrow. (Later you can come back to table connections > 'Data source' tab > 'Chaing join' button)

    7. On the left you can select which fields you want to display and which fields you want to use as selection fields.

    8. On the tabs you can check and change the order of 'list field' and 'selection field'



    If you have selected fields generally you can't remove tables from the data source.




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    Sujoy Pal
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    Hi there,


    Just want to add like we can only join two diffrent tables if there is any logical liknk betweent the two tables.


    In simple words you should have one or more feilds common between two tables if it is so then you can join two diffrent tables using join tables command in SQVI


    You can check in the navigation screen while joining two diffrent tables in SQVI.


    Reward if usefull.